How many units is Extension English?

English Standard (2 units) English Advanced (2 units) English Advanced + English Extension 1 (3 units)

Does Extension 2 English have an exam?

English Extension 2 HSC Examination Specifications The examination will consist of a Major Work worth 40 marks and a Reflection Statement worth 10 marks.

What is the major work for English Extension 2?

Assessment and Reporting in English Extension 2 Stage 6 (2017) states that the Major Work ‘must be conceived and executed by the student under the supervision of the English teacher’, This means that the Major Work is wholly the student’s own work, requiring the student to develop the concept, undertake an appropriate …

What is English extension?

English Extension course provides students with the opportunity to further strengthen their understanding of how and why aspects and concerns of texts from the past have been carried forward, borrowed from and/or appropriated into more recent cultures.

Is English Extension 2 hard?

Extension English 2 is not a unit you kind of waltz into going “yeah I guess this would be cool, how hard is writing a short story/critical response/poem/suite of speeches/script/etc.” It’s… hard, but it’s extremely rewarding if you put in the work.

Is English Extension 1 hard?

So it’s actually a little harder and a fair bit more work (outside of class). That’s not to say that English Extension 1 is crazy hard or an unreasonable amount of work, but it is a whole extra unit and it’s seen as an extension subject for a reason.

Is it better to do standard or advanced English?

As a general rule, the “harder” the unit of study, the “better” the scaling it receives. English Advanced scales better than English Standard. Please note that students should not be choosing subjects based on scaling.

How do you write a reflection statement in English Extension 2?

English Extension 2

  1. Summarises the intention of the Major Work and the relationship it has with the extensive independent investigation.
  2. Must include an outline of the intended audience for the Major Work and the purpose for which it was composed.

What is world upheaval?

ENG 12 – Extension 1: Worlds of Upheaval They analyse how texts represent the predicaments, aspirations, motivations and ideas of individuals and groups in periods of upheaval and reflect on the potential of texts to activate change in attitudes, perspectives and social circumstances.

Is English extension 2 hard?

What is the difference between extention and extension?

Extension generally refers to a component, action or process that enlarge, prolong or extend something. Extention is a common misspelling most people use to write extension. In other words, extension is the correct spelling of the word whereas extention is incorrect spelling.

What is a good mark in extension English?

English Standard: 27.6/50 or 55/100. English Advanced: 42.5/50 or 85/100. English Extension 1: 43/50.

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When is English Extension 2, literature review due?

According to NESA’s sample assessment schedule, it would be due in late term two. By this time, you would’ve already undertaken a good deal of research into concept and form, and gained a strong understanding of both.

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ALC provides several types of English language training to speakers of other languages.” Why study at UCLA Extension ALC? Not sure which program is best for you? Click here for a program comparison chart

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