How many episodes are there of Mahima Shani Dev Ki?

Episodes (30) The story is based in Ujjain where the subjects of that state are ardent worshippers of lord shani.

Who is Shani Dev wife?

Shani had two wives, Neelima and Damini. Neelima is the power of shani and has the power of Brahma’s fifth head. Damini was a Gandharva. Once when Shani was performing his Shiva pooja and did not pay attention to Damini, she cursed him to always have his eyes turned down and for his sight to bring in trouble.

Where can I watch Shani Dev?

Watch Shani Serial All Latest Episodes and Videos Online on MX Player.

Who played the role of Shanidev?

Daya Shankar PandeyMahima Shani Dev Ki
Shani Dev/Played by

How was Shani Dev born?

Shani Dev is bornChaya was not playing the role of Sandhya without sun god’s knowledge. She bore three children to sun namely Manu, Shani and Tapti. When Shani was in her womb, she was totally lost in serving her husband that due to sun god’s heat the baby in the womb turned black.

Why did Dhamini curse Shani?

Dhamini Curses Shani Dev Annoyed by Shani Dev’ behaviour, she cursed him that since he paid no heed and did not look at her when she wanted to speak to him, whoever he looks at henceforth, shall get destroyed.

How did Shani sister Bhadra died?

As we know, Bhadra, the sister of Shani was all about terror, yet with a nice heart within her. In the coming episodes, Bhadra will decide to end her life and will be shown killing herself with the astra that has been created.

Is Shani good or bad?

Shani is considered to be the most malefic planet that brings restrictions and misfortunes. Shani is part of the Navagraha in Hindu zodiac system, considered malefic, associated with spiritual asceticism, penance, discipline and conscientious work.

Is Shani a God?

Shani Dev is known as the God of justice, and a popular deity that Hindus pray to ward off evil and obstacles from life. Son of Surya, the Sun God, Shani Dev, according to Hindu mythology, rewards or punishes people for their deeds.

How old is Kartikey malviya?

16 years (November 3, 2004)
Kartikey Malviya/Age

What is the real name of chalu Pandey?

Daya Shankar PandeyTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
Inspector Chalu Pandey/Played by

Why did Shani kicked his mother?

As a little child, Shani was very hungry and wanted food to be served. Chaya said he could eat only after the puja was done to Shiva. Shani got angry and kicked his mother. Due to this sin, Shani’s one leg became lame.