How many Daesangs does red velvet?

List of awards and nominations received by Red Velvet

Red Velvet in Soribada Best K-Music Awards in August 2019
showAwards and nominations
Wins 52
Nominations 193

Has Red Velvet won song of the year?

The song won Choice Electronic/Dance Song at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. On June 19, Red Velvet released the EP The ReVe Festival: Day 1, which featured the lead single “Zimzalabim” and was the first entry of The ReVe Festival trilogy. On November 26, “Umpah Umpah” won Song of the Year at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards.

Did Psycho red velvet win any awards?

Golden Disc Award Song Division

Which red velvet song has the most music show wins?


  • First Win: March 25, 2015 on Music Bank for “Ice Cream Cake”
  • 50th Win: August 23, 2018 on M!
  • Total Wins: 79 (as of September 12, 2021)
  • Most Awarded Song: “Power Up” with 10 wins (as of September 2021)
  • First Triple Crown: January 18th, 2020 on Music Core for “Psycho”

Which Kpop group has the most Daesangs?

Grand Prize (Daesang) BTS has won 20 awards in total, including four Grand Prizes. Girls’ Generation has accumulated 12 awards, including two Grand Prizes (not including members’ or sub-unit’s solo awards).

Who has the most awards in Kpop 2021?

What Kpop Group Has The Most Awards 2021?

  • Girls’ Generation (414 TOTAL WINS)
  • EXO (403 TOTAL WINS)
  • BTS (364 TOTAL WINS)

Who has the most Daesang in KPOP girl group?

TWICE is the only group that bagged the Song of the Year of Mnet Asian Music Awards in three consecutive years. Overall, they’ve won an impressive 16 daesang awards and currently the best-selling girl group of all time with over 10 million physical album sales.

Does Blackpink have any Daesang?

BTS was awarded the Daesang (Grand Prize) while BLACKPINK lifted the Best Music Video award. BTS also bagged the Idol Champ Fan’s Pick – Group award and featured in the Top 10 Artists category. BLACKPINK was awarded Idol Champ Global Pick – Group.

Did Red Velvet disband?

Red Velvet debuted in 2014 and have been active for 7 year and the Red Velvet disband date is expected to 2021 or in 2024.

Which K-pop group is the richest?

1) BTS ($150 million) While the solo activities of BTS’ members are lesser compared to other groups, they are still regarded as the richest K-pop group of 2021 owing to their contribution towards the success of their label and the South Korean economy.

How many awards does Red Velvet have won?

Awards won. 49. Nominations. 146. This is a list of awards and nominations received by Red Velvet, a South Korean girl group formed in 2014 by SM Entertainment.

Where was the 30th Golden Disk Awards held?

Originally set to be held in Shenzhen, China, the award show was moved to Korea after dangers of landslides in the area posed a risk to event comers. Check out the full winner’s list of Day 1 & Day 2 of the Golden Disk Awards below:

What is the purpose of the Golden Disc Awards?

The Golden Disc Awards ( Korean : 골든 디스크 시상식) is an annual South Korean major music awards ceremony that honors achievements in the local music industry. The awards ceremony was founded with the purpose to promote popular culture creativity, discover new artists, and contribute to the growth of the music industry.