How many complete ElfQuest volumes are there?

6 Books
The Complete ElfQuest Book Series (6 Books)

Where can I buy ElfQuest?

Order ElfQuest comics and books from Things from Another World, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Indigo or other online booksellers.

How many ElfQuest final quest volumes are there?

4 volumes
There are 4 volumes in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase. By clicking on above button, you agree to the Kindle Store Terms of Use, and your order will be completed.

How many issues of ElfQuest are there?

2013 and ongoing: The Final Quest, starting with a #0 Special, the series ran for 24 issues. This is followed by the current series ”Stargazer’s Hunt” which began in 2019.

Is there an elfquest movie?

The official, lavish reimagining of the ElfQuest comic saga by Wendy and Richard Pini, brought to life in the theater of your mind.

How do you read elfquest?

The first EQ story you should read is “Elfquest“ issues #1-20 (unofficially called “The Original Quest“), which tells the central tale of the entire Elfquest saga. This was the first EQ series to be published, in the form of 20 black-and-white comic book issues, between 1978-1984.

Is Elfquest done?

After 40 years, Wendy and Richard Pini finish ‘Elfquest,’ the ‘first American manga,’ and go on fanquest. Husband and wife Richard and Wendy Pini co-created the “Elfquest,” the longest-running American fantasy comic series. “The Final Quest” was released 40 years to the day after the series’ first issue premiered.

How do you read Elfquest?

What happened to the elfquest movie?

Though the Pinis have decided to step back from daily production, it’s not the end of “Elfquest.” Dark Horse is currently publishing graphic novel collections, and the Pinis will serve as story and art advisers on future “Elfquest” projects.

Are Wendy and Richard Pini still married?

Wendy Pini née Fletcher, (born June 4, 1951) and Richard Pini (born July 19, 1950) are the husband-and-wife team responsible for creating the well-known Elfquest series of comics, graphic novels and prose works….Wendy and Richard Pini.

Wendy Pini
Notable works Elfquest, Wendy Pini’s Masque of the Red Death

What age is Elf Quest for?

Elfquest is rated for 12+ by Dark Horse, and at the beginning it definitely fits this rating. There is some violence at the beginning with the Wolfriders and the humans, but subsequent chapters go for more internal conflict. The past story about Madcoil does have some bloodshed.

Is elfquest done?

How old is the original Elfquest comic book?

Celebrate 35 years of ElfQuest with THE COMPLETE ELFQUEST, collecting the entire Original Quest in stunning black and white, and brand-new Elfquest art and adventures in ELFQUEST: THE FINAL QUEST! “One of the most important works in American Fantasy.”—American Library Association

What do you find in the world of Elfquest?

Fully explore the epic-sized world of Elfquest and you will find your views of modern society mirrored, your prejudices challenged, and your understanding of relationships – of all kinds – forever changed. “So elegant! So erudite! So not what you would think to find in an elf comic!”

Who are cutter and the Wolfriders in Elfquest?

Elfquest is the ongoing tale of Cutter and the Wolfriders, a tribe of feral, forest-dwelling elves. They are descended from shapeshifting aliens who crashed thousands of years ago on a nameless world they now call the World of Two Moons. The elves struggle to remain true to their nature-loving ways, but they are constantly tested -…

Is the Elf wolf logo a registered trademark?

So not what you would think to find in an elf comic!” Elfquest and the Warp Wolf logo are registered trademarks, and all other logos, characters, situations, related indicia, and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. All ElfQuest art © 2021 Warp Graphics, Inc.