How many albums has Madonna sold worldwide?

Between 1983 and March 2015, she has sold an estimated 335 million albums and singles, which without a doubt has secured Madonna a prestigious spot in music history as one of the most influential female recording artists of all time.

Who sold more Mariah or Madonna?

So, per the RIAA, it’s Madonna (63.5 million), Carey (62.5) and Houston (54) in this comparison. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Carey is the clear winner by a wide margin, actually topping the total album sales – again, since 1991 – of Madonna and Houston combined. Carey’s sum stands at 51,833,000.

What is Madonna’s lowest selling album?

Rebel Heart
Bad news for Madonna. The singer’s 13th studio album Rebel Heart is her worst debut in two decades. Billboard reports that the album sold 116,000 copies in its first week, landing it in the No.

How many albums has Madonna sold in the UK?

madonna sold over 5 million, Like a Virgin went diamond for over 10 million sales (which is just insane) True Blue sold 8 million, Like a Prayer sold 5 million, Immaculate Collection sold 12 million, Erotica and Bedtime Stories both sold 3 million, and Confessions on a Dancefloor sold 2 million her final (to date …

What is Madonna most successful album?

Madonna scored her best-selling studio album of the decade with Ray of Light (1998), which sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

How many #1 hits did Madonna have?

Madonna has 12 No. 1 hits. The Queen of Pop has been giving us No. 1 hits for decades, and it all began with 1984’s “Like a Virgin” when she was 26.

Who has sold more records Whitney or Mariah?

The Bajan artist has 257.6 million certified record sales, topping Mariah Carey’s sales (137.3 million certified) by over 120 million, Whitney Houston’s sales (114.9 million certified) by over 142 million, Lady Gaga’s sales (102.1 million certified) by over 150 million, and Beyonce’s sales (83.3 million certified) by …