How long is parking free at Parc Tawe?

two hours
The new sign in the car park says the two hours free parking applies from the time of entry until the time of exit and cameras will be in use to log when you enter and depart. However, Parc Tawe has confirmed there is an exemption for those visiting retailers whose customers need longer than two hours.

Is parking free at Parc Tawe?

Parc Tawe is the only car park in Swansea city centre to offer free parking. Now, thanks to the extension, all visitors will be able to stay for free for up to three hours, plus they have the option to extend their free-parking-window simply by shopping at some of its onsite restaurants and leisure facilities.

Where can I park for free in Swansea?

Free car parks in Swansea

  • Northampton, East Burrows.
  • Mariner Street.
  • Paxton Street.
  • Pocketts Wharf.
  • The Strand (Post Office)
  • Trawler Road.

What shops are in Parc Tawe?

Units located in Parc Tawe include The Food Warehouse, B&M Bargains, Office Outlet and Mothercare. Retailers in Parc Tawe North include Homebase, Lidl, JD Sports, Pound Stretcher, Pets At Home, Bargain Buys and Home Bargains.

Do you have to pay private parking tickets UK?

Do you have to pay for a private parking fine? Whether you have to pay a private parking fine will depend on who it was issued by. If the fine was issued by the police or council workers, known as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), you can’t ignore it.

How much is a Lidl parking fine?

Lidl has launched a new system at some of its stores to stop the misuse of its car park with a new check-in process. Motorists who park their vehicle in the car park, but fail to go into the store and make a purchase, will now risk facing a £90 fine.

What time is free parking in Swansea?

4 pm
Current free parking Swansea Parking is free after 4 pm, until 8 A.M. between Monday and Friday. It is permitted until 10 A.M. on a Saturday and all day on Sundays.

Is there free parking in Swansea today?

Sunday is the one day of the week when Swansea Council -run city centre car parks are free. These are both close to Swansea Market and city centre shops. Northampton Lane Car Park, Worcester Place Car Park, the YMCA Car Park and Oxford Street Car Park offer free short stay parking (3 hours) on a Sunday.

How long can you park at Parc Tawe?

Since the end of November, you can no longer park for four hours at the retail park. The south car park, located near the likes of Denny’s and Odeon, has brought in a new two-hour parking limit with a £100 fine for any motorist who stays longer than this time.

How many hours of free parking in Swansea?

The car park allows up to 4 hours of free parking and is based within short walking distance of the city centre, Wind Street and, of course, the shops at Parc Tawe itself. With 300 spaces available , you’re likely to find plenty of room to park.

Where is Burger King going to be in Parc Tawe?

It is earmarked for part of the car park near the existing Costa drive-thu, on the Plantasia side of the retail park. Burger King expects to create 36 full and part-time jobs at the drive-thru, which would open from 8am to 3am seven days a week.

Is there a bowling alley in Parc Tawe?

Parc Tawe – This shopping and entertainment complex is home to a range of big brand retailers and cafes, and boasts the UK’s premiere Denny’s Diner as well as Odeon cinema, a bowling alley and the indoor rainforest Plantasia.