How long is online SERE training good for?

24 months
SERE Training is valid for 24 months after the completion date.

How long is SERE 100 level a training good for?

The training is required once every 20 months after the initial SERE 100 training is complete.

How long is SERE training army?

The three-week SERE course at Camp Mackall is one of the phases of the Special Forces Qualification Course (Q-Course). Students receive two weeks of training to learn how to live off the land, evade enemy patrols, resist the enemy’s interrogation techniques and escape from captivity.

Can you access Jko from home?

Once you have logged into JKO using your CAC, an account has been created for you. No other account is required. If you are not able to use your CAC to login from home, you can set up your account to also use a username/password login.

What does paid-E stand for in Sere?

PAID-E (Perceive, analyze, interpret, decide, execute)

Can civilians go to SERE school?

Based in Colorado, SERE Training School provides world-wide outdoor survival training and consulting services to Civilians, Outdoor Professionals, Media Organizations, and Active-Duty Military Personnel using our signature brand of highly-specialized wilderness and hostile environment survival training techniques and …

What is SERE Level A training?

Sere training is broken down into three levels. As the JFKSWC puts out in a letter of instruction to students: Level-A is initial-entry-level training that all soldiers, enlisted and officers receive upon entering the service. It provides a minimum level of understanding of the Code of Conduct.

Has anyone died SERE training?

SERE airman died after over controlling his parachute during military freefall training, investigation says. A survival, evasion, resistance and escape airman died in September as a result of over-controlling his parachute during a military freefall training parachute jump, according to a new report.

Do they break your bones in SERE?

No one is breaking bones out there, folks. We don’t do it to detainees in Gitmo, we’re not going to purposely break the bones of future Special Operations troops. Myth #2 SERE is a “Torture” School designed to break you: Wrong again. It isn’t a torture school at all.

How do I access Jko courses?

Direct access to JKO courses with a Common Access Card (CAC) or login and password is available by going directly to or To login to JKO you must have an active user account.

Can you do Jko on your phone?

Area of operations and tailored scenario simulation immersive training applications. Free JKO Mobile app for iOS and Android mobile phone and tablet users.

What are the 4 principles of behavior Sere?

This regulation prescribes Code of Conduct and survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) responsibilities.

What is SERE School Army?

SF SERE School. SERE is a United States military acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, a program that provides military personnel, Department of Defense civilians and private military contractors with training in evading capture, survival skills and the military code of conduct.

What happens at SERE School?

Once the connection with the CIA was laid bare, SERE came under fire as a torture school . Old stories resurfaced about waterboarding, but also other forms of abuse, like students being held in small spaces for long periods of time and being forced to listen to that 1970s meow-meow-meow-meow Purina cat-food commercial on loop.

How long is SERE training?

The SERE course spans three weeks with three phases of instruction, with the first phase consisting of approximately 10 days of academic instruction on the Code of Conduct and in SERE techniques that incorporate both classroom learning and hands-on field craft.

What is the Army learning management system?

Army Learning Management System (ALMS) The ALMS is a centralized training system allowing training NCOs, training managers, instructors, unit commanders, and individual users to schedule, register,…