How long is Batman Shanghai?

Batman of Shanghai is a series of animated shorts from the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, presenting a unique re-imagining of the Batman universe in a heavily stylized form, set in a 1930’s era Shanghai. 4 min.

Where can I watch Batman in Shanghai?

Watch Batman of Shanghai tv series streaming online |

Who made Batman of Shanghai?

Wolf Smoke Studio
Shanghai-based studio, known for its radical reinvention of Batman, Catwoman and Bane in Cartoon Network’s 2012 DC Nation shorts ‘Batman of Shanghai,’ is one year into production on its first feature-length project.

Is there a Chinese Batman?

Made in China Wang Baixi, or as he would be known in Western notation, Baixi Wang, was selected by the Chinese Ministry of Self-Reliance to become their equivalent of the United States of America’s Batman.

What is Batman called in China?

侠 Biānfúxiá
Batman in Chinese – 蝙蝠侠 Biānfúxiá

Who is black Batman?

The next hero to don Batman’s cowl will be a black man, named Tim Fox, DC Comics has revealed. The identity of the new Batman, estranged son of Bruce Wayne’s business manager Lucius Fox, was announced by the comics publisher on Thursday. Fox, as a new Batman, will rise up to save the day.

What is Spanish for Batman?

ordenanza. More Spanish words for batman. la ordenanza noun.

Is there a black Batman?

Cover for Batwing #1 (September 2011). Batwing is a comic book superhero appearing in publications by DC Comics. Batwing expands the DC Universe by taking place in Africa, making David Zavimbe both the first (in continuity) black Batman and one of the few characters headlining a series outside the United States.

Is Batman black now?

DC Comics have announced that the new Batman will be Black. The next caped crusader will be called Tim Fox and will be the estranged son of Bruce Wayne’s business manager Lucius Fox. But led by an all-new Batman, a new assembly of Gotham’s guardians rise to give hope to all of those who lost it!”

What is the Spanish word for bad man?

mal hombre. More Spanish words for bad man. el hombre malo noun. bad man.

What do they call Batman in Mexico?

Batman: Why Bruce Wayne Is Called Bruno Diaz In Latin America.