How long does Wesley media last?

7. Once the service has concluded it will be made available to view On Demand for a period of 7 days. The On Demand stream is accessed in the same way as a live broadcast using the same login details.

How does Wesley media work?

Wesley Media Webcasts allow families and friends to be a part of an event without ever leaving their home. All participating Wesley Media venues have cameras installed to capture the event, which is then streamed live through a private login portal that can be shared by invitation only.

How do you view a Webcast?

The Webcasts will work on any computer and any mobile device (including iPhones, iPads and Android phones) using today’s modern browsers. We suggest using the Chrome browser to view the webcast whether you are on desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile devices. It is the best and most stable browser for live stream viewing.

How do you watch a funeral Webcast?

The first thing to do is speak to your Funeral Director. It may be that they or the chapel or crematorium may already have the technology in place to offer this service. Some chapels and crematoriums already use live stream video to screens in the overspill area of their venues.

What is Webcastview?

A webcast is a (live) online broadcast of the audio or video feed from your meeting or event. Terms such as web event, web lecture, virtual event, online seminar or webinar are also often used.

How does a funeral webcast work?

Anyone unable to make it to the crematorium on the day can simply log in and watch from home, or from anywhere with an internet connection. Mourners who wish to watch the webcast are given login details and a password to safeguard privacy, and the funeral service is otherwise unaffected by filming.

What is a visual tribute?

From simply having a photograph on display to from playing a video during the service, visual tributes are a way to personalise the day. Creating a photo slideshow or video tribute helps in sharing the stories and memories of a person’s life. …

Can I watch a webcast on my TV?

The second way to watch web video on your TV is to wirelessly “cast” it from another device. Smart TVs today let you transmit videos from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Just make sure the device that has the video you want to cast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Smart TV.

Can you rewatch a funeral on Obitus?

If you’d like a recording of the webcast put back online to watch again, please speak to the funeral director or crematorium as they have to order this with us so the family can authorise it. Most of these will be back online within 2-3 working days, but some are taking longer if the crematorium’s internet is slower.

Can you watch a cremation UK?

Yes. There is a strict code of conduct for crematoriums, which is usually on display in public areas.

Can I watch a cremation?

Families can watch a cremation Some crematoriums have a window to view the coffin entering the cremator. If you would like to watch, ask your funeral director or the crematorium if this option is available.

What is the difference between podcast and webcast?

The most obvious difference between webcasts and podcasts is that a webcast involves both audio and visual content. Podcasts are just audio. The next big differentiator is that webcasts provide opportunities for live engagement and interaction from online audience members through the use of polls, live-chat and Q&As.

Who are Wesley media and what do we do?

We are made up of a team of music and technology experts that are dedicated to finding exactly the right media for our clients. We work with families to create uniquely personal ceremonies, and with event organisers including celebrants and funeral directors to provide a seamless and second-to-none service to their many customers.

How to order a Wesley media visual tribute?

To order a visual tribute, please contact your chosen ceremony organiser, mentioning Wesley Media Visual Tributes.

Is there any guarantee that Wesley media data will be unintelligible?

No guarantee is given that audio/visual data delivered over the internet will be uninterrupted or error-free. Wesley Media will not be liable for any corruption to, delay in receiving or other defects relating to data dispatched over the internet.