How far can a jump drive jump space engineers?

Jump Drive
Mass: 36,580 kg
Capacity: 3 MWh
Power: -32 MW
Range: Base: 2,000,000 m

How do you travel long distances in space engineers?

How do i travel between planets in a fast way

  1. Press f8 to enter spectator mode.
  2. fly towards next planet. Roll the mouse to go faster or slower.
  3. when you arrive, press ctrl+space to teleport your body.
  4. press f6 to enter your body.

Can you find planets in space engineers?

Press Shift+F10 to open the Spawn menu, and select “Planets” from the drop-down.

How fast can you go space engineers?

Why is the Maximum speed 110m/s?

How many planets are in space engineer?

There are currently five types of planets to explore, each one offering an unforgettable experience. So, strap on your spacesuit and get ready to crash down onto a new planet.

How far away is the moon in space engineers?


Name Distance Diameter
Moon 176.92 19.00
Mars 1749.29 120.00
Europa 1835.76 19.00
Triton 2542.14 80.25

What is the difference between a thumb drive and a jump drive?

Overall, thumb, flash, and jump drive are synonymous words that you can use interchangeably. They all refer to the same storage device and there really is no difference. Do keep in mind, though, that there are dozens of jump drive types depending on size, color, shape, and function.

How does a jump drive work in Space Engineers?

The jumpdrive is a block that allows the large grid vessel to travel long distances and can be equip on big ships. All players sitting, or resting in cryochambers will jump to the distance set on the jump drive. Jump drives have priority when charging, which means they will consume the power first before thrusters and Gyroscopes will receive power.

What’s the maximum distance a ship can jump?

Any ship that has mass greater than 1,250,000 kilograms will have its maximum jump distance reduced (from the maximum of 2000 km for each fully charged Jump Drive) depending on the mass of the ship, in a non-linear fashion.

How do you jump from a space ship?

The jump must be activated from a “main” cockpit, by use of a toolbar, and will start a short countdown. The jump may be aborted by turning off the jump drive, but the energy will still be lost.

How many MWh does a jump drive take?

A default red ship (2,585,761 kilograms) can go 1933.67 kilometers on its two jump drives (6 MWh, total). This indicates a cost of 1.2*10^-12 MWh/ (kg*m). Translated: moving one million kilograms of ship the minimum jump distance of 5km requires 0.314 kilograms of uranium ingots.