How do you unlock the locked planes in GTA San Andreas?

If you use cheat menu mode, it is possible to unlock the plane or helicopter by pressing CTRL+C, Vehicle Cheats, and Unlock Nearest Vehicle. Also, you can’t unlock a plane on a mission. How do I unlock other planes in San Fiero? Unlock the “Flight School” and pass the missions.

Where can I find a comet in GTA San Andreas?

Map Locations (Spawn Areas) Here is where to find the Comet in GTA San Andreas:

  1. The Camel’s Toe, Old Venturas Strip, Prickle Pine and along The Strip, Las Venturas.
  2. west Los Santos, in neighborhoods like Richman, Rodeo, Market or Vinewood.
  3. Paradiso, San Fierro.
  4. Near the golf courses in the stat.
  5. Exports and Imports.

How do I start Import Export GTA San Andreas?

To “export” or sell a vehicle, the player must obtain a “wanted” vehicle (as shown when the player is told via an on-screen message: “You can export this vehicle over at Easter Basin Docks.”) and take it to a specific marker on a cargo ship in Easter Basin, San Fierro, where it can be lifted in place via a magnetic …

Is the comet a good car?

With its AWD powertrain, grippy tires, and poweful engine, the Comet in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories is one of the fastest and best handling sports cars in the game. With its unflappable handling and near elite-level speed and acceleration, the Comet is an excellent car for Vice Street Racer challenges.

What is the fastest car in GTA San Andreas?

1 Infernus Every San Andreas player knows Infernus as the fastest car in the game. It’s a bit difficult to obtain, most often found in the lavish areas of Las Venturas, but once you do, its virtual V8 will roar you to a top speed of 150 mph.

What car is the comet retro in real life?

Grand Theft Auto Online The Comet Retro Custom is heavily based on the Ruf Turbo R, while also taking influence from the 1980s Porsche 911S. The curving of the rear and shape of the rear lights may also be based on the Porsche 928.