How do you pair a Riva Turbo X?


  1. Plug in the charging cable and press in the BATT ON/OFF button on the back of the speaker.
  2. Tap the Power button and wait a few seconds for the startup tone.
  3. Find “RIVA Turbo X” on your Bluetooth® device.

How do I pair my Riva?

On 1st RIVA S speaker, press and hold down for 5 seconds. Prompt will annonuce “TrueWireless”. Then on 2nd RIVA S speaker, press and hold down for 5 seconds. Prompt will annonuce “TrueWireless”, then “TrueWireless is paired” on both speakers.

How do I charge my Riva speaker?

  1. The RIVA Turbo X comes with a 19V charger. Simply plug the charger into the port on the back of the speaker labeled “19V DC” and make sure that the “BATT OFF/ON” button is pressed IN.
  2. Plug it in to recharge. No dock.
  3. You just plug in your phone to the system.
  4. It is a plug and you can turn off Riva when not in use.

How do I reset my Riva Turbo?

To use with a turntable with low audio output, plug in aux cable and hold down for 3 seconds. Input light will turn yellow. Hold down together for 5+ seconds to erase device memory and restore factory settings.

Where is Riva audio located?

Southern California
RIVA is headquartered in Southern California where they create and design their RIVA family of products.

How do I reset my Riva speaker?

Press and hold both the and << buttons at once for three (3) seconds until the LED ring flashes BLUE, then let go. After a few seconds, the BLUE light will come back on. It will pulse as the speaker reboots.

How do I pair my Riva speaker to my Iphone?


  1. Connect your phone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Make sure your Bluetooth in ON for iOS devices.
  3. Open the Google Home app and sign in to your Google Account.
  4. The RIVA SPEAKER will appear as “New device found” at the. bottom of the Home screen or in the Devices screen in this.

How do I reset my Riva Festival?

After the speaker boots up, perform a factory reset on it by pressing and holding the Play/pause and << buttons simultaneously for about 5-7 seconds. You should see the LED turn off or turn bright blue.

Who owns Riva audio?

Rikki Farr
Rikki Farr, Founder of RIVA Audio, talks about the inspiration behind RIVA and our audio products.

How do I add speakers to AirPlay?

Go into the Wi-Fi under Settings on your iPhone/iPad. Select the speaker you want to set up AirPlay under “SET UP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER…” on the lower part of the display. Choose the Wi-Fi network you want to connect this speaker to, then press Next.

How do I connect my Riva Festival to WIFI?

  1. Power on your WAND speaker by plugging.
  2. it into the wall. ( ref pg.
  3. 2.Download both the Google Home and RIVA.
  4. WAND apps directly from Google Play™
  5. or the App Store™. ( ref pg. 3 & 6)
  6. 3.Connect your WAND speaker to the Wi-Fi.
  7. network. ( ref pg.
  8. 4.Choose a music streaming service or local.

What is Riva CRM?

CLOUD INTEGRATION. FOR CRM AND EMAIL SYSTEMS Riva Cloud is the leading cloud for CRM and email systems. Riva Cloud helps drive CRM adoption, boost sales productivity, and sync your CRM data reliably. LEARN MORE.

Is the Riva audio Turbo X a good speaker?

• The Riva Turbo X combines good sound quality and the ability to play louder than similarly sized portable speakers without sounding restrained. • If you leave the Turbo X unplugged and forget to turn the battery off, it will slowly drain even if the speaker is off.

Can a Riva Turbo work with a smart TV?

“I tested the Riva Turbo with my MacBook Pro, my Lenovo Windows 8.1, my I-pad, I-pod, my Samsung Android phone and as a sound bar for my Samsung smart TV.. The audio quality is superb. The Bluetooth works flawlessly.”

How big is the battery on Riva Turbo X?

Powerful 26+ hr lithium-ion battery that can charge phones, tablets or other devices wherever and whenever you need it. audio to be reproduced without excessive compression. Crank the volume up to 11 with Turbo X’s TURBO mode with an enhanced power punch to reach volume levels of 100 dB.

What kind of sound does the Riva festival have?

Both bass and brass sound are well-defined on the RIVA, without any distortion.” “It (FESTIVAL) has a much bigger fuller sound than I was expecting and easily beat out the Bose and Sonos for pure sound quality.” “Best WiFi/ Bluetooth speakers I have ever heard and I have heard them all!!!”