How do you install a hardwired towel warmer?

  1. Installing a Hardwired Electric Towel Warmer.
  2. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the area you wish to place the towel warmer.
  3. Shut off electrical power at the main service panel.
  4. Position the towel warmer over the outlet box and mark the locations of the screw holes for the wall brackets.

Do you need an electrician to install a heated towel rail?

This towel rail is unique in the flexible way you can connect to the power supply. The electrical connection can be made through either the lower left or right legs. Note: The heated towel rail must be installed by a professional service agent or qualified person.

Can you install a heated towel rail yourself?

You can fit them in the same way as a standard radiator. Simply turn off your heating, then isolate your old radiator by shutting off the valves on either side before removing it from the wall. Your new towel radiator will be connected to the existing pipework.

How much does it cost to install a towel warmer?

$350 – $795 Installed The average cost of a towel warmer is $605 when professionally installed. Affordable plug-in towel warmers start at about $60, and hardwired electric towel warmers start around $200 and go as high as $3000 for some hydronic towel warmers.

Can towel warmers catch fire?

For instance, if the electric heated towel rack has a 100-Watt element, then it can only put out the equivalent heat of 100 Watts. It can’t just magically produce 200 Watts of heat! So no, your towels absolutely cannot and will not catch fire.

How long does it take to install a heated towel rail?

It will take about ¾ hour to heat up to the desired temperature and can, if desired, be left running constantly.

Can you put a plug on an electric towel rail?

Plug-in models All that is required to be installed is a power outlet (unless you already have one in the correct location), and then the heated towel rail can be installed and plugged in. The cable usually comes out the bottom or side of the heated towel rail and will be visible when plugged into a power outlet.

Should heated towel rails be left on?

Most heated towel rails are safe to be left running continuously, however generally it is preferable to have the ability to control when your heated towel rail is on, thus saving you energy. The majority of the range available on the market don’t have a switch on the unit but can simply be wired to a standard switch.

How much does it cost to install a paper towel dispenser?

The national average materials cost to install a towel bar is $20.77 per bar, with a range between $16.15 to $25.38. The total price for labor and materials per bar is $142.93, coming in between $74.71 to $211.15. Your actual price will depend on your location, job size, conditions and finish options you choose.

How much does it cost to install bathroom?

New Bathroom Installation Costs. New bathroom installation costs $7,600 on average with most homeowners spending between $4,500 and $12,400 when adding a bathroom to an existing space. Your final cost will depend on if it’s a half or full-bath and the quality of materials used.