How do you get an A1 Assessor qualification?

In order to become an A1 Assessor you must take and pass a training course.

  1. Ensure you have the qualifications necessary to take the A1 course.
  2. Find a college or training center that offers the A1 course; check the website,
  3. Attend an interview with your prospective tutor on the course.

Is an A1 assessor award still valid?

If you hold one of the old assessor qualifications, such as A1 or D32, these are still valid and you won’t need to complete CAVA.

What qualifications do you need to become an assessor?

To become a qualified assessor, you’ll complete an accredited Assessor Course at an accredited learning institution, where a Certificate of Competence and Statement Of Results (SOR) will be issued afterwards. Following this, you can register with an ETQA and start practising as a constituent assessor.

What has replaced the A1 Assessors Award?

The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (TAQA CAVA A1 Course) qualification is the NVQ Assessor course that allows you to assess in both a classroom and a workplace environment. The course has replaced the old A1 Assessor qualification and is also known as CAVA or TAQA.

What level is an A1 Assessor Award?

level 3
Overview: A1 Award/TAQA level 3 is designed to teach potential assessors, trainers, facilitators, teachers and internal quality assurance auditors how to train and support learners in a variety of vocational areas.

What is a freelance assessor?

Becoming A Freelance Assessor A freelance assessor is a professional trainer who uses their expertise to provide support and training to students who want to gain vocational qualifications, such as apprenticeships and national vocational qualifications.

How long is an assessor course?

Duration: 5 Days. Assessment: Includes theory and practical work as well as formative and summative assessments.

How long is assessor course?

This typically takes about 3 months.

What qualities make a good assessor?


  • Sense of fairness.
  • Ability to communicate with personnel of different job descriptions and personality types.
  • Personal integrity, confidence and leadership.
  • Ability to focus on tasks at hand.
  • Sense of order, planning ability.
  • Strong personality, thick skinned, strong backbone.

Why do I want to be an assessor?

Meeting new people. As well as flexibility being one of the main reasons people choose to become Assessors, you will also meet people from all walks of life. You will build strong relationships with your learners, and watching them as they progress through their course is a very rewarding process.

What is an assessor in training?

An assessor is someone registered by the relevant Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) body to measure competence against specified National Qualifications Framework (NQF) unit standards and qualifications.

How do I become a Seta facilitator?

Follow these two steps for Accreditation

  1. Complete ETDP assessor and moderator training.
  2. Submit your CV and certificates to the SETA that is the custodian of the qualifications you wish to assess and moderate on (For example business administration is with SSETA, IT with MICTSETA etc.)

Where can I get an A1 assessor qualification?

A1 Assessor Qualification A1 Assessor Qualification Russbridge Academy is a leading training provider in the UK; delivering accredited vocational, professional and workplace qualifications. It has a very good reputation for delivering training course in the country with a great success rate.

What kind of training do I need to become an assessor?

No products in the basket. Assessor Training Direct provides first-class training courses leading to the Level 3 Assessor qualifications, with the aim of getting you qualified and working as an Assessor as quickly as possible.

Which is the best Level 3 assessor certificate?

ATDirect recommends the Level 3 Assessor ‘Certificate’ as it’s the only Assessor qualification that enables you to assess in both work and training environments using a full range of assessment methods. It therefore maximises your employment flexibility.

Are there any NVQ assessor courses in vocational learning?

Assessors Courses (NVQ Assessor Training) Vocational Learning delivers a range of assessor training qualifications by distance and blended learning. These qualifications are regulated and enable you to become a professional NVQ, RQF Assessor. We deliver the TAQA that has replaced both the A1 and D32/33 NVQ assessor qualification.