How do you get a pre MOT inspection?

Interior Checks

  1. Seats and seatbelts. Start your pre-MOT inspection by checking your car’s front seats.
  2. Horn. Your horn needs to be loud enough to be heard by another road user, and emit a long singular tone.
  3. Hand Brake.
  4. Interior Warning Lights.
  5. Headlights and indicators.
  6. Brake lights.
  7. Number plate.
  8. Wheels and tyres.

What checks should I do before MOT?

Here’s a list of 10 easy tasks you can do before booking your car in for an MOT.

  • Check Brake Fluid.
  • Check Mirrors.
  • Check All Warning Lights.
  • Ensure Tyres Have Enough Tread.
  • Make Sure Your Lights Are Working.
  • Test Your Horn.
  • Ensure Your Vehicle Has Enough Oil.
  • Give Your Windscreen the Once-over.

Can you pre date an MOT?

An MOT can be carried out up one month, minus a day, prior to the expiry date of your existing MOT certificate, whilst still preserving the anniversary of the expiry date. If you have your test carried out a month before the due date, your MOT is effectively valid for 13 months.

Do garages do pre MOT checks?

A Main Dealer will usually use original parts on your Pre MOT Check job. Independent garages and specialists are able to source parts from a variety of sources, including original parts, aftermarket parts and even used parts.

Can you fail MOT on TYRE pressure?

Although tyre pressure itself isn’t checked in an MOT, legislation introduced in 2015 means that every car with a faulty or failed tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will fail its MOT.

Do they check TYRE tread on MOT?

Tyre Tread Depth FOR MOT Tyres with tread depth lower than 1.6mm is illegal and will result in an MOT fail. In addition, illegal tread depth could result in points on your driving licence and a fine of £2,500 per tyre, so it is worth checking them regularly!

Do they check TYRE pressure on MOT?

Can you fail MOT for no washer fluid?

You should make sure it is topped up before your MOT test. Despite being a simple check, so many people fail an MOT test for having no washer fluid.

Can you fail MOT on flat tyre?

If you have recently suffered a puncture and used a space saver or lightweight tyre, you must replace this before your MOT test. These tyres are designed to get you home or to a garage following tyre damage – they are not suitable for everyday or prolonged use and will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.