How do you contact Ubisoft support?

You can contact Ubisoft via their toll-free customer phone number at 919-460-9778. Through this line, you can address issues like missing items, account recovery, charge disputes, game and server problems, appealing a ban, giving feedback, and more.

How do I contact Ubisoft by email?

[email protected] is our account support mailing email. Please send us a direct message with your account username and email address.

How do you live chat on Ubisoft?

To start a live chat for an existing case:

  1. Navigate to and login if prompted.
  2. Click on your Case Number.
  3. Add any new details or attach any new attachments you have.
  4. Click on the Continue As Chat button. Was this helpful? Liked it? Share the love! You might also be interested in.

How do I complain to Ubisoft?

Open a support case or select an existing case from the Your open cases section of Ubisoft Help. Select the + Add files button. Choose the files you want to submit. Select Submit My Case or Submit Attachments.

How long does it take Ubisoft support to respond?

It normally takes 48 hours for a response, but this can be longer during busy periods. I have checked your case and can see it is waiting in a queue.

Can you message on Ubisoft connect?

Since launch, we’ve been working towards delivering one global ecosystem across all platforms. As part of this, we made the tough decision to remove chat from the PC overlay as we went back to the drawing board to revamp the service from the ground up in order to align with the rest of the Ubisoft Connect experience.

What is Growtopia support email?

[email protected]
Growtopia Official on Twitter: “@JrKoppen Email [email protected] and we’ll help ya!”

Why did Ubisoft remove chat?

Ubisoft removed cross-chat from all Rainbow Six Siege game modes on the Test Server earlier today. The move came as part of the company’s “continuous efforts against in-game toxicity.” Ubisoft’s data revealed that “a very high percentage of Abusive Chat reports are from cross-chat,” according to the patch notes.

How do you chat with friends on Ubisoft Connect?

Open the Ubisoft Connect overlay in-game. Select the chat icon. Go to + New chat. Select the check box of any friend you would like to add the group.

How can I recover my Growtopia account?

Visit the Growtopia Password Recovery Website. Enter your GrowID and the email address you used when creating your GrowID. Click Submit. An email containing a reset password link will be sent to the address you entered.