How do you cite res gestae Divi Augusti?

Res Gestae Divi Augusti: Text, Translation, and Commentary. Cambridge, UK ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Augustus, Emperor of Rome, and Alison Cooley.

What does the Res Gestae say?

The text tells us how he wanted to be remembered. It is best summarized in the full title: “the achievements of the deified Augustus by which he placed the whole world under the sovereignty of the Roman people, and of the amounts which he expended upon the state and the Roman people”.

Is the Res Gestae accurate?

As a source, the Res Gestae is not fully accurate. Whilst not lying, he doesn’t mention some things that he did like the proscriptions of his enemies. He refers to his rival Marc Antony as ‘a faction’. The inscription says much about the money he spent on the people, Rome and the empire.

Why was Res Gestae written?

The Res Gestae was written by Augustus shortly before his death in 14 AD. It gives details about his life and many achievements as the first Roman emperor. The main purpose of the Res Gestae was for Augustus to preserve the memory of himself as a great emperor whose achievements transformed Rome into a great empire.

Where is the Res Gestae found?

Most notably, an almost full copy is currently located in the Temple of Augustus and Rome in Ankara, Turkey. The Res Gestae is one of the most significant pieces of written Roman history and heavily influenced society around the empire.

What did Augustus leave out of Res Gestae?

In his old age Augustus left his will with the Vestal Virgins in which he instructed his accomplishments to be inscribed on two bronze pillars outside his tomb. The pillars, whose inscription came to be called the Res gestae, do not survive.

Where is the res gestae found?

What did Augustus leave out of res gestae?

Who was Res Gestae written by?

Res Gestae Divi Augusti/Authors

What was the purpose of res gestae Divi Augusti?

The Res Gestae Divi Augusti (The Deeds of the Divine Augustus) was a monumental inscription narrating and celebrating the life and accomplishments of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. The long text was written during the life of the emperor and completed just before his death in 14 CE.

Who was res gestae written by?