How do you beat ragnvald?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the sarcophagus.
  2. Retrieve Saerek’s Skull Key.
  3. Retrieve Torsten’s Skull Key.
  4. Open the sarcophagus.
  5. Kill Otar the Mad.

How do I get to ragnvald?

To gain access to the chamber beyond the barred archway, you must insert Saerek’s skull key, found in Ragnvald Crypts, and Torsten’s skull key, found in Ragnvald Canal, into the slots in the sarcophagus, retracting the spears and releasing Otar the Mad.

How do I get out of ragnvald Temple?

The only way to exit is all the way to the east and back out the original entrance to the temple.

How do you unlock the sarcophagus in ragnvald?

Unlock the Sarcophagus in Ragnvald

  1. The sarcophagus can also be opened by casting a destruction rune such as a Lightning Rune on top of the sarcophagus.
  2. The archway will open.
  3. Run quickly back up the stairs and use a flame spell such as Flame Atronach because undead creatures are susceptible to flames.

Who is the source of attacks on Neloth?

heart stone
Neloth will believe his former apprentice, Ildari, is behind the attacks. He believed she was dead, but there is no body in the grave. This heart stone is the source of the attacks.

Where is rannveig’s fast in Skyrim?

Rannveig’s Fast can be reached by approaching the southern face of the mountains northeast of Rorikstead (south, southwest of Morthal on the map). Upon approach, crumbling stone ruins and steps leading up the mountain are visible.

How do I get the key to Bthardamz?

Once he is defeated, the key to the Bthardamz Elevator can be looted from his corpse to exit. The exit is beyond his room on the left side (against the west wall), then up stairs to the east, over the walkway/bridge to the west, then to the right (north), where the key opens the door to the elevator.

Why is Neloth attacking me?

this may be because you have bounty in raven rock. trust me this has happen to me before on other missions so your best bet is to check your bounty in the main menu and then go to raven rock and either pay it off or get arrested. once you have done that try again and they should not attack you.

Can you ride a silt strider Skyrim?

A Silt Strider can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn, but it cannot be used as transport.