How do you adjust the carburetor on a Honda Trail 70?

Ideally, the screw should take one and three-quarters turn before seating for a CT 70 carburetor, or one and three-eighths of a turn for a CT 90 carburetor. Turn the screw counterclockwise the appropriate number of turns until it has been reset.

How do you adjust a Honda carburetor?

How to Adjust a Honda Carburetor

  1. Start your Honda engine and allow it to idle for about five minutes until it is warmed up.
  2. Locate the idle adjustment screw, just below the fast idle cam.
  3. Restart the engine and turn the idle adjustment screw one half turn clockwise.

What is a Honda CT 70 worth?

Recent Hemmings sales. Of the 12 CT-70s sold on Hemmings Auctions as of this writing, the average price was $7,857. For context, those prices are well above some notable ’70s and ’80s Honda road bikes sold on Hemmings this year, including a 23,000-mile 1975 CB750 and 10,565-mile 1984 V65 Sabre that each brought $5,500.

What kind of carburetor did a Honda Trail have?

Honda’s 1970 CT-series, consisting of the Trail 70 and 90, were small single-cylinder motorcycles that were intended to be used both on and off of paved roads. Both motorcycle styles used a simple carburetor to provide a combustible mixture of air and fuel to the engine.

What was the color of a 1971 Honda CT70?

The CT70 or Mini Trail 70, came in bright, jewel-like colors that even had jewel-like names, like Emerald Green, Candy Topaz Orange, Candy Sapphire Blue, and Candy Ruby Red such as this bike is wearing. The seller says that the original owner used it for a while and then put it in storage under a tarp in 1972 after they got a Honda 90.

How many Honda CT70 carburetors are there on Amazon?

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How many miles does a Honda CT70 have?

I bet that quite a few of you have owned a Honda CT70 similar to the beautiful, original, ultra-low-mile bike shown here. This one has a mere 528 miles on it which is pretty amazing, but also pretty sad that some kid didn’t get to enjoy it very much. Or, better yet, some skinny old guy with a cheesy mustache (me)…