How do I start a podcast infographic?

How to Get Started with Podcasts? [ Infographic]

  1. Content. Topic and name. Target group. Type of content. Length of episodes and publishing frequency. Music. Intro and outro. CTA. Cover art. Show notes.
  2. Equipment. Microphone. Recording and editing program. Studio.
  3. Launch.

Are podcasts growing in popularity?

US podcast audience statistics In 2021, the number of monthly US podcast listeners will increase by 10.1% year-over-year (YoY) to 117.8 million. Podcasts are mostly seeing traction among younger consumers—this year, more than 60% of US adults ages 18 to 34 will listen to podcasts monthly.

How do I find podcast listenership?

The easiest way to estimate the number of people listening to a given podcast is to take a look at the number of subscribers and the number of times someone has hit the “Play” button on an embedded player.

How fast are podcasts growing?

The most recent survey conducted in 2021 found that nearly six in ten (57 percent, to be exact) consumers above the age of 12 in the US have listened to at least one podcast (Statista, 2021). This marks a two-percentage-point increase from the previous year, the smallest growth in nearly a decade.

Do podcasts make money?

Do podcasts make money? Of course they do! Big names are getting large amounts of listeners and large amounts of ad revenue in return. According to AdvertiseCast, average 30-second CPM (cost per 1K listeners) rates are $18, while 60-second CPMs are $25.

How much do podcasters make?

As an estimate, if your podcast has about 10,000 downloads per episode, you can expect to make between $500 – $900 per episode in affiliate sales.

Why do podcasts fail?

Whatever the reason, not sitting comfortably within your niche is a top reason why podcasts fail. You may be able to get away with it for a little bit, but pretty soon, your audience will pick up that you’re out of your depth, or that you’re pulling at straws to fill an episode with content.

What podcasts are trending?

The 50+ Best Podcasts of 2021 to Listen to Right Now

  • Dark House. House Beautiful.
  • Fat Mascara. Podchaser.
  • Criminal. Radiotopia.
  • The Sporkful. Stitcher.
  • Welcome to Your Fantasy. Spotify.
  • You Must Remember This.
  • Griefcast With Cariad Lloyd.
  • Song Exploder.

Who has the number one podcast?

The Top 50 Most Listened to Podcasts in the U.S. Q2 2021

  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • The Daily.
  • Crime Junkie.
  • This American Life.
  • Stuff You Should Know.
  • My Favorite Murder.
  • Pod Save America.
  • Office Ladies.

When do the new podcast stats come out?

Updated stats: Edison Research Infinite Dial 2020 released March 19th, 2020. Q1 2018 report from Nielsen came out March 20, 2018. Total number of podcasts & episodes on Apple Podcasts updated April 2021. As new stats and reports come out, this post will be updated with the latest info on the podcast listener landscape.

How many people listen to podcasts per month?

32% (90 million) listened to a podcast in the last month – up from 26% in 2018 (Infinite Dial 19) 22% (62 million) listen to podcasts weekly – up from 17% in 2018 (Infinite Dial 19) 16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans” (Nielsen Q1 2018)

What are the most popular podcasts in the world?

If you’re looking for podcast stats & analytics for your podcast, check out Blubrry Statistics here. South Korea leads the world in the percentage of people who have listened to a podcast in the past month with 58%. Ross Winn is the founder of Podcast Insights, the industry-leading podcast education site.