How do I restore my Surface Pro to factory settings?

Here’s how:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key + L. If you need to, dismiss the lock screen.
  2. Hold the Shift key down while you select Power > Restart in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. After your Surface restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.

How do I factory reset my Surface Pro 7?

Press and hold the volume-up button and the power button at the same time until the screen turns off (about 15 seconds), then release both. The screen may flash the Surface logo, but continue holding the buttons down for at least 15 seconds. After you release the buttons, wait 10 seconds.

How do I factory reset my Surface Pro without logging in?

To reset your Surface without signing in to Windows, you’ll need the built-in keyboard located under the “Ease of Access” icon in the lower left corner. Tap the “Power” icon in the lower right corner of the screen and then tap the “Shift” key. Click “Restart” and select “Restart Anyway” if that prompt appears.

How do I restore my Surface?

Recover Surface Go

  1. Turn off the Surface Go.
  2. Insert the USB recovery drive we just created into the USB port on the Surface Go.
  3. Hold the volume-down button and power button at the same time.
  4. When the Surface logo appears, let go of the buttons.
  5. Select your language and keyboard settings.
  6. Select Troubleshoot.

How do I wipe my Surface Pro?

How to delete all data on Surface Pro

  1. Go to Start. and select Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.
  2. Under Reset this PC, select Get started.
  3. Select Remove everything.
  4. Select Remove files and clean the drive.

What is the recovery key for Surface Pro?

Here’s how to find it: Using a working PC or phone connected to the Internet, open the the Microsoft OneDrive Recovery Key page and sign in with the same Microsoft account you used on your Surface Pro. After logging into your online Microsoft account, you’ll see the actual key ID and long BitLocker recovery key number.

How do I force a factory Reset on Windows 10?

Click the Start menu and select the gear icon in the lower left to open up the Settings window. You can also select the Settings app from the app list. Under Settings, click Update & Security > Recovery, then select Get started under Reset this PC.

How do I reset my surface to factory settings without a password?

How to Factory Reset Surface Pro without Password

  1. Start your Surface Pro tablet. From the Windows login screen, click the Power icon in the lower right, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click the Restart option.
  2. Wait for Surface Pro to restart.
  3. On the next screen, click the Reset your PC option.

How do I get to the boot menu on a Surface Pro?

Press and hold the volume-up button on your Surface and at the same time, press and release the power button. When you see the Surface logo, release the volume-up button. The UEFI menu will display within a few seconds.

How do I PXE boot a Surface Pro?

  1. Ensure the Surface device is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up button.
  3. Press and release the Power button.
  4. After the device begins to boot, release the Volume Up button.
  5. Select Security Tab Under Secure Boot Select Secure Boot Configuration.
  6. Select None.
  7. Select OK, then restart the device to boot to PXE.

How do I wipe my Surface Pro before selling?

How to reset your Surface to protect your privacy

  1. Right-click the Start button.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Update & security.
  4. Click Recovery.
  5. Click Get started.
  6. Click Remove everything.
  7. Click Remove files and clean the drive.
  8. Click Reset.

How do you reset a Surface Pro to factory default?

To reset Windows to factory defaults, log in to Windows on the Surface Pro, and then open the Charms bar. Select “Settings,” and then tap the “Change PC Settings” entry. Select the “Update and Recovery” option, and then tap “Recovery” to open the Recovery menu. From this menu, you can reset the Surface Pro to original factory settings.

How do you restart Microsoft Surface Pro?

To normally restart Surface Pro, you just need to press and hold down the Power button for around 30 seconds and then release it. After it is shutdown, you press the Power button again to restart it.

How do you factory reset Microsoft Surface Pro?

Steps on How to Factory Reset Surface Pro: Step 1: Power on Surface Pro and tap the Power icon at the sign in screen. Step 2: Press and hold the Shift key and Alt key. Step 3: Select Troubleshoot from the popping up options. Step 4: Choose Repair this PC. Step 5: Tap Keep my files and click Reset.

How do you restore Surface Pro?

Here is how you can restore your Surface Pro from a system restore point: Press and hold the Start button and select Control Panel. Head over to the search box present at upper right corner, enter recovery. Select it, and navigate to Recovery > Open System Restore > Next. Here you will see the list of restore points.