How do I restore my iPhone when there is not enough space?

Solutions to iTunes Cannot Restore iPhone Not Enough Space on iPhone Error

  1. Solution 1. Check iPhone Storage Space.
  2. Solution 2. Restart Your Computer and iPhone.
  3. Solution 3. Update iTunes & iOS to the Latest Version.
  4. Solution 4. Check Security Settings.

How many GB do you need to restore iPhone?

Because you end up with two distinct backup folders, it follows that in order to restore an iOS device, you need to have at least as much free space on the device as the size of the backup subfolder. In my case it was more than 50 GB. (Replace the volume and folder names by those on your hard disk.)

Why does my iPhone say not enough Storage when there is?

This indicates your device is unable to backup to iCloud. If the message indicates there is no more iCloud storage available, you will either need to reduce the amount of data being backed up to iCloud or completely turn off iCloud Backup.

How do I manually back up my iPhone?

Back up iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  2. Turn on iCloud Backup. iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone daily when iPhone is connected to power, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.
  3. To perform a manual backup, tap Back Up Now.

Why is my iPhone backup size so small?

Backups are always substantially smaller than reported disk usage on your device, mainly because they do not contain: The Operating system (iOS) Apps – since iOS 9 backups include user data of apps, but not the apps themselves. They are re-downloaded from the App Store when restoring a backup.

How do I fix not enough storage?

Open the Settings app, tap Storage (it should be in the System tab or section). You’ll see how much storage is used, with details for cached data broken out. Tap Cached Data. In the confirmation form that appears, tap Delete to free up that cache for working space, or tap Cancel to leave the cache alone.

What is the quickest way to backup my iPhone?

Directions to back up using iCloud:

  1. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Tap Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud.
  3. Scroll down, tap iCloud Backup.
  4. Tap Back Up Now and stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes.

What happens if I dont backup my phone?

Without a backup, you could be stuck in an airport or meeting without access to critical information and files. You will be stuck calling, texting, or emailing an associate to send you a file, completely at the mercy of their awareness to their phone.

What happens if my iPhone is not backed up?

The “iPhone Not Backed Up” message means that your iPhone hasn’t been backed up to iCloud for an extended period of time. iCloud backups are designed to happen anytime your iPhone is connected to power, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. This usually happens when you run out of iCloud storage space.

Why iCloud backup is not working?

One of the most common reasons why iCloud backups fail is because you don’t have enough iCloud storage space. To delete something taking up iCloud storage space, tap on it in the Manage Storage settings. Then, tap the Delete or Turn Off button. Once you’ve cleared up some storage space, try backing up to iCloud again.

Why is there not enough space to restore my iPhone?

To fix this problem of iPhone restore not enough space, you need to check the storage of your device firstly, because you need to know whether it is really that there isn’t enough space on your device to restore it. Follow us to check storage on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: Go to Settings > General > Usage > See how much available space on your

What to do if you dont have enough storage on your iPhone?

Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Here we can see the Used and Available storage on your iDevice. If the reality is your iPhone doesn’t have enough storage, you can try to clear the cache on iPhone, or delete some iPhone photos to free up some space.

Is there enough space on my iPhone for a backup?

To clarify, I am using the latest software (iTunes, IOS, MacOS), the backup is not larger than the storage space on my iPhone and it is a backup from the same iPhone to which I am trying to restore it. Surely Apple doesn’t expect me to restore my iphone first (i.e. reset to factory settings and erase all data) before restoring a backup?

Why is my iPhone 6 not restoring to iTunes?

When I try to restore a backup using iTunes, the process starts in iTunes, the iphone restarts, but then I get an error message: iTunes could not restore the iphone because not enough free space is available on the iPhone. Please see screenshot below. I’ve tried to the same thing on my wife’s iphone 6 and her mac.