How do I reset my Irritrol RD 900?

Open the battery compartment and disconnect the battery. Press and hold the Manual button in and KEEP HOLDING IT IN while performing the next step. Reconnect the ribbon cable, then release the Manual button. Note: The display should now show 12:00 AM indicating the controller has reset.

How do you reset a sprinkler system?

How to Reset a Sprinkler System

  1. Turn the control dial to the “off” position.
  2. Press the “next” button to access the clear-memory feature.
  3. Press and hold the “off” button until the display stops blinking.
  4. Turn the control dial to the “run” position.
  5. Press and hold down the “minus” arrow and “prog” buttons simultaneously.

How do you open a Rainbird box without a key?

Try turning the key clockwise enough that you feel some resistance and give the door slow pull. If that doesn’t work, sometimes too much pulling pressure prevents the key mechanism from turning. Try pushing the door closed more and see if the key will then turn a little more and try pulling on the door again.

What does Sen sprinkler mean?

Sen is short for sensor – it indicates that the timer has detected rain from an external sensor (if you have one).

Why do my sprinklers turn on twice?

A common reason why a program is repeating is that you have a second start time set. The start times control the exact time your ESP-Me timer will begin to water and they also control how many times a day your timer will water. The ESP-Me allows you to set up to 6 start times per program.

Why did my sprinklers stop working?

One of the most common problems is a clogged nozzle. Other times the nozzle may be irreversibly damaged, so a new one is needed. If cleaning or replacing the nozzle doesn’t fix the problem, the next place to look is at the actual head. In these cases, your sprinklers might drip water instead of spraying it.

Are there any upgrades to the Irritrol rain dial?

Upgrades like SMRT Logic ® for mobile device programmability and CLIMATE LOGIC ® wireless weather sensing for automatic schedule adjustment, combine modern convenience with the easy and familiarity of a controller you’ve been installing for years.

How to add climate logic to Irritrol install?

Post your next install and use the hashtag #irritrolinstall. We want to feature you! Adding Climate Logic is one way you can help your customers increase water efficiency! Click the link to learn more about Climate Logic, how to install and its unique water wise features.

Where can I buy an Irritrol Pro Max remote?

Locate a distributor near you: #ruggedforareason #landscapecontractor The perfect addition to your Rain Master Central Control System! The Pro Max Remote eliminates lost time and energy roaming between the field and the controller! Learn more at

Where do I get my Rewards for Irritrol?

Click the link to create an account, when you purchase any Irritrol products, upload your receipt and start collecting your rewards! Rain Master Eagle Plus, your go-to controller that gives you the freedom and ability to manage and monitor real time irrigation from practically anywhere with the addition of iCentral!