How do I redeem L infrastructure bonds 2011a series on maturity?

In case, you do not wish to opt for buyback, you may hold the bonds till maturity date i.e. March 23, 2021 and redemption amount will be automatically sent to you on maturity date. For any queries, please contact our Registrar & Share Transfer Agents at the following address: M/S. LINK INTIME INDIA PVT.

How do I redeem L infrastructure bonds 2012a?

1) Form of Acceptance duly completed and signed in accordance with the instructions contained therein, by all Bondholders whose names appear on the Bond certificates. You may download Form of Acceptance from Company’s website during Buyback Intimation period. 2) Original Bond certificate(s).

How do I claim an L infrastructure Bond?

You can reach the dedicated Customer Service Help Desk @ Toll free No. (1800-209-4747) during our Office timings and our Executives will be at your service to register your grievance.

How much does a Jamaican birth certificate cost?

The fee for registering a birth after 12 months is $300. If registration is done after a year has passed, the birth certificate will cost a minimum of $6,000 and is processed within four to six weeks.

How do I sell my infra bonds?

Here is how to sell tax free bonds

  1. 1) Call your broker and execute the order.
  2. 2) Execute the order online.
  3. 1) Tax free bonds are issued by government companies.
  4. 2) Interest is tax exempt.
  5. 3) Free from defaults.
  6. 4) Can be held in the physical and demat mode.
  7. 5) Annual payment of interest.

How do I redeem infra bonds?

Redemption of Bonds The bonds are redeemed on the date of maturity on surrender of the duly discharged bond certificates (by signing on the reverse of the bonds with Revenue Stamp of Re. 1/-) by Registered bondholders. The record date for redemption is one month prior to the deemed date of encashment / redemption.

How do I redeem a physical bond?

How much does it cost to change your name in Jamaica?

You will be required to pay a cost of US$201 for the application payable by means of an International Money Order or British Postal Order payable to the Registrar General’s Department.

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Can I sell tax free bonds?

However, if you sell the bonds in the secondary market, your transaction will be subject to tax. If the holding period is less than 12 months, capital gains on the sale of tax-free bonds are taxed as per the income slab of the investor. If bonds are held for more than 12 months, the gains are taxed at 10%.

How do you encash a bond?

Take the bond to a bank — preferably your own bank. Present the bond to a bank representative for cashing. As long as your name is on the front of the bond and you’re not cashing more than $1,000 worth of bonds, the bank should cash the matured bond for you.

Which is the issuer of L & T infra bonds?

L Infrastructure Finance Co Ltd (L Infra), has come out with an issue of Rs 300 Cr long term infrastructure bonds, with an option to retain oversubscription of upto Rs 1100 Crores. The coupon rate of these Bonds is 8.70% p.a. Issuer :L Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

How long do L & T infrastructure bonds last?

L Infrastructure Bonds Features There are 4 series of L Bonds, and though these bonds have a term of 10 years, there is an option of a buyback after 5 years or 7 years. The interest rates, and effective yields of different plans are shown below:

How to redeem LNT Infrastructure Finance Co bonds?

I have invested in L Infrastructure Finance Co Ltd debentures bonds for tax saving in 2012.The series of bond is ISIN: INE691I07307 blocking period is over now want to redeemed it help me with the procedure of Redemption. Please refer the link below to see the details. Also explore L Website for further details –

Who is the Compliance Officer of infrabonds in Mumbai?

Compliance Officer:Mr. Vinay Tripathi; 3A/Laxmi Towers, First Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051 Tel: +91 22 4060 5411; Fax: +91 22 4060 5353; E-mail: [email protected]