How do I get cross domain iframe content?

To access cross-domain iframe, the best approach is to use Javascript’s postMessage() method. This method provides a way to securely pass messages across domains.

Is iframe cross domain?

A cross domain inline frame (iframe) can be used to embed a small portion of one website within a larger “parent” page hosted on a different domain. An inline frame, often known as an iframe, is a feature of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) that allows a small portion of one webpage to be displayed within another.

What is cross origin iframe?

Learn about how cross-domain iframe can be used to safely circumvent browser restrictions on scripts that process code in a different domain. The cross-domain iframe is needed to securely bypass the same-origin policy that is enforced by most modern browsers.

How do I allow iframe to access my parents?

JavaScript Interaction between Iframe and Parent for same-domains

  1. Method 1 : Using JS parent.document.getElementById(“frameId”) method to access parent of Iframe.
  2. Method 2 : Using JS window.frameElement() method to access parent of Iframe.
  3. Using JS window.postMessage() method to access parent of Iframe.

Where is Cors setup?

For IIS6

  1. Open Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager.
  2. Right click the site you want to enable CORS for and go to Properties.
  3. Change to the HTTP Headers tab.
  4. In the Custom HTTP headers section, click Add.
  5. Enter Access-Control-Allow-Origin as the header name.
  6. Enter * as the header value.
  7. Click Ok twice.

Are different ports considered cross domain?

1 Answer. For two documents to be considered to have the same origin, the protocol (http/https), the domain and the port (the default 80 or :xx) have to be indentical. So no, you cannot use xhr against a different port.

What is origin with respect to same origin policy?

The same-origin policy is a critical security mechanism that restricts how a document or script loaded by one origin can interact with a resource from another origin. It helps isolate potentially malicious documents, reducing possible attack vectors.

How do I access an iframe document?

The contentDocument property returns the Document object generated by a frame or iframe element. This property can be used in the host window to access the Document object that belongs to a frame or iframe element.

Is window parent always defined?

parent is never undefined and always reference to the window (self===parent) .