How do I get blue accent 1 in Word?

In your document, click anywhere within a paragraph. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, open the Shading drop-down list and choose Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80%. Reopen the Shading drop-down list and choose More Colors.

How do I get blue accent 1 in Excel?

Click the Cell Styles command on the Home tab, then choose the desired style from the drop-down menu. In our example, we’ll choose Accent 1. The selected cell style will appear.

How do you use fill Blue Accent 1 shadow?

On the Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, click Shape Effects, and select an option from the list.

  1. To add or change a built-in combination of effects, point to Preset, and then click the effect that you want.
  2. To add or change a shadow, point to Shadow, and then click the shadow that you want.

How do you apply the Blue Accent 1 Darker 25%?

From the menu, select Borders and Shading… In the Borders dialog, under Style, select the double line. The ½-point weight is the default, so you don’t need to change that. Under Color, from the Theme colors, select the correct tile for Blue, Accent 1, Darker 25%.

What is the hexadecimal of color blue?

The blue hex code is #0000FF.

What Colour is bored?

Meanings of color

Color Western meaning
BLUE: peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, trust, melancholia, boredom, coldness, Winter, depth, stability, professionalism, conservatism, democrats
PURPLE: power, royalty, nobility, elegance, sophistication, artificial, luxury, mystery, royalty, elegance, magic

Can you add comments to a cell?

Right-click the cell and then click New Comment. Type your comment. Click the Post button (or press ⌘+Enter). If other people have something to add, they can right-click the cell and choose Reply to Comment.

How do you apply fill green Accent 1 shadow text?

Add an outline, shadow, reflection, or glow text effect

  1. Select your text or WordArt.
  2. Click Home > Text Effects.
  3. Click the effect you want. For more choices, point to Outline, Shadow, Reflection, or Glow, and then click the effect you want.

How do I fill a text box with color?

Change the inside (fill) color

  1. Select the shape or text box.
  2. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Shape Fill > More Fill Colors.
  3. In the Colors box, either click the color you want on the Standard tab, or mix your own color on the Custom tab.

How do I get an accent color in Word?

On the Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word, click Colors, and then click Customize Colors. Click the button next to the theme color you want to change (for example, Accent 1 or Hyperlink), and then pick a color under Theme Colors.

Where is lime accent 3 on Word?

1. Open Word > Design > Colors > “Green” color theme. 2. Then click Home > color icon > we can find the Lime in the Accent 3.