How do I find out if I have unclaimed property in Mississippi?

Beginning your search is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Visit or click here.
  2. Type your agency’s name into the Unclaimed Property search box.
  3. Click Go!

Do I have money owed to me?

First, go to your state’s unclaimed property website to check if you’re owed funds. If you’ve moved around a lot, you can try sites like or, which may be able to search multiple state databases at once. The search uses your name and your city to check for any funds.

What states require negative reporting for unclaimed property?

States like California and Texas do not require a negative report and other states, such as Maine, require negative reporting only if the business is located or incorporated in Maine and have never filed an unclaimed property report before or have filed a positive report within the last three years.

Is it worth it to claim unclaimed property?

It is common for many people to have unclaimed property held by the State. Unclaimed property can result from dormant back accounts, unclaimed dividends, and life insurance policies. He answers the question no, it is usually not worth it to claim unclaimed property.

How do I find unclaimed deceased relatives?

How to Find Unclaimed Money From Deceased Relatives

  2. (from the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)
  3. (to find unclaimed Treasury securities)
  4. and (to look for unclaimed accounts at failed banks or credit unions)

What is Unclaimed money?

Unclaimed funds are money and other assets whose rightful owner cannot be located. Unclaimed funds are typically turned over to the government after a specific period of time has passed.

How do I find out if someone left me money?

If a loved one has died and you are the rightful heir, you should search to see whether there is unclaimed money or property in their name. You can do an almost-nationwide search at the free website You can choose to search a single state or all states that participate.

What is a Unclaimed Funds negative report?

Some states still require that you file a “negative” report. This negative report indicates to the state that the holder has no property to report for the given report year, and demonstrates ongoing compliance with the state’s unclaimed property requirements.

What is the best website to find unclaimed money?
The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ website is an excellent resource. This association consists of state officials charged with the responsibility of reuniting lost owners with their unclaimed property.

How do you know if someone left you money after death?

How do I find out if a relative left me money?

How to report unclaimed property in the state of Mississippi?

As holders, you are encouraged to check your records often to determine if you have any property for which you have been unable to locate the owner and/or heirs for the past five years. All holders are encouraged to report electronically, especially for reports with 10 or more records.

Where can I find unclaimed property in my name?

Visit or click here. Type your agency’s name into the Unclaimed Property search box. Click Go! If you find property in your name, click Claim or complete this specialized State and Local Government Claim Form and our team will help take care of the rest!

Where to find the State Treasurer of Mississippi?

Step 1: Type your last name or first name or a single word within your business name. Step 2: Click Search! Last Name* © 2020 Office of the Mississippi State Treasurer P.O Box 138 – Jackson, MS 39205

Who is responsible for finding the rightful owner of unclaimed property?

The owner can be an individual, an organization, or a state or local government. After five years, financial institutions turn that money over to the state and the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division is charged with finding the rightful owner. How do I make a claim?