How do I enter my Coke Rewards?

How to Enter My Coke Reward Codes

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Sign up” link to register for an account. Type in your email address and select a password.
  3. Click “Submit.” You will be taken to your new account page.
  4. Enter your codes into the field at the top of the page and press the arrow button to submit.

How do I claim my free Coke?

How do I claim mine? Pick a flavour and wait for an email to be sent to the address you provided with your new voucher. Make sure you can access it on your mobile. Show the voucher to a member of staff at the checkout – no other purchase is necessary.

Where is the My Coke Rewards code on a 12 pack?

The codes can be found under the cap of individual bottles, on the cardboard box of 12-packs of cans (in the refrigerator boxes, the codes can be found on the part you tear away to get to the soda), and on multi-pack wraps. See the Coca-Cola website for a full list of participating brands and sizes.

Can I still enter Coke codes?

The official Coke Rewards program ended, but you can still enter codes and get rewarded in a slightly different way. Redeem codes on Coke’s website or through their app. Most of their “deals” now are for donating to various charities or schools, but you’ll see an occasional freebie or sweepstakes in there as well.

What do coke rewards get you?

What do you do with Coke codes & points? They say you can get digital gift cards, coupons, tickets, and other prizes when you enter Coke codes. The reality is that they almost always are only offering opportunities to donate to charities (local schools are included).

Is there caffeine in Coke Zero?

Coke Zero Sugar contains 2.83 mg of caffeine per fl oz (9.58 mg per 100 ml). A 12 fl oz can has a total of 34 mg of caffeine.

What do yellow Coca-Cola bottle caps mean?

Regular bottles of Coke contain high-fructose corn syrup which is not kosher for Passover. Today, bottles of Coca-Cola that are kosher for Passover have yellow caps instead of the traditional red ones. In addition to the yellow cap, the bottle has a Passover certification symbol.