How do I deposit money into HLeBroking?

You may deposit cash/ cheque into the Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad account at any Hong Leong Bank/ Maybank branch for crediting into your trust account.

How do I unlock my HLeBroking account?

What if I have wrongly key-in my password for 3 consecutive times? Your user ID will automatically be locked. Please call our Helpdesk to re-activate your login.

What is HLeBroking value trade?

HLeBroking Value Trade now offers you 0.0848%* flat brokerage rate subject to a minimum brokerage fee of RM8. With this great offer, it will definitely help you save on brokerage while you trade at your convenience online!

What is E broking account?

E-broking is a method of buying or selling securities through the Internet. You need to have same basic requisites for E-broking like access to a personal computer (with a modem) and an Internet account with any one of the Internet service providers.

Can I have 2 CDS account?

Can I open more than one CDS account? An individual investor is allowed to open only one (1) CDS account with each ADA. However, a corporate investor may open multiple accounts with the same ADA.

How do I buy shares in HLeBroking?

To view HLeBroking Mobile Application Menu, please select at the top left side of your screen. enter stock name/code to search, select stock and tap “Add to Favourites /+FAV” and select which folder to add stocks in.

What is EBS Reuters?

History. EBS was created by a partnership of large foreign exchange (FX) market making banks in 1990 to challenge Reuters’ threatened monopoly in interbank spot foreign exchange and provide effective competition. EBS’s closest competitor is Reuters Dealing 3000 Spot Matching.

What is information brokerage in e commerce?

A data broker, also called an information broker or information reseller, is a business that collects personal information about consumers and sells that information to other organizations. The site allows consumers to register, see what information Acxiom has collected about them and correct data that is wrong.