How do I check my water bill in Philadelphia?

Use MyPhillyWaterBill to find and print water bills for the last 13 months. If you need a copy of an older water bill, please contact the Water Revenue Department at (215) 685-6300.

How do I dispute my water bill in Philadelphia?

Call: (215) 685-6300 to speak to PWD or WRB customer representatives. If you are unable to resolve the issue or if your bill is more than $10,000, appeal to the TRB. Fax, email, or mail three copies of your completed Water Department Appeal form, along with a copy of the disputed bill.

Where do I mail my water bill in Philadelphia?

Mail – Mail in the return portion of your bill with a check or money order made payable to the Water Revenue Bureau (Bureau), P.O. Box 41496, Philadelphia, PA 19101-1496.

How do I transfer my water bill to a new owner in Philadelphia?

Complete an application at a Customer Service location near you….Turning on Water Service

  1. Consent from the owner for you to have service in your name.
  2. Two (2) pieces of personal I.D., one with a photo.
  3. Proof of residency, such as a lease, rent book or canceled check.
  4. Utility bills in your name.

Is Philly water safe to drink?

Philadelphia’s drinking water meets all state and federal safety requirements. The Water Department has an unblemished record in maintaining top quality water. We do not find people getting sick from drinking the city’s tap water.

How do I find my Philadelphia Water access code?

Find your Access Code at the top right of your water bill, or email [email protected] to request a copy.

Why is my water bill so high Philadelphia?

A Philadelphia Water Department billing issue resulted in nearly 17,000 customers receiving higher-than-usual monthly service charges recently. Some people were billed thousands of dollars. City officials said that the inaccurate balances were caused by a data error that was discovered Wednesday.

How do I know if my water meter is bad?

The best way to check is to find a multi-galloned receptacle that you can fill up with an exact measurement. If you check the measurement of water with your water meter and the numbers don’t add up, you have yourself a faulty meter and that needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

How do I turn my water on in my name?

If you are the owner of the property and want to establish water service in your name, you must complete and sign an application for service. Also, as part of the application for service, you must provide proof of ownership. The most common proof is a copy of the recorded Grant Deed for the property to be serviced.

How do I set up a water bill for a new house?

Setting up new service: To set up a new service, visit the website of your new provider. There should be information on there about how to set up utilities, but if not, call them directly. You’ll need to tell them the address that you’re looking to set up utilities, as well as the date that you need service to start.

Is Philadelphia water bad?

Elevated levels of naturally-occurring, nontoxic bacteria have been detected in some of the drinking water in Philadelphia. Scientists say it is causing the musty smell in some tap water. Is your tap water tasting or smelling different? Turns out bacteria is to blame.

How Good Is Philly water?

The report found Philadelphia’s drinking water to be among the most contaminated of any major metropolitan area the group tested. It’s 46.3 PFAS parts per trillion ranked sixth highest among the cities tested.

Where can I pay my Philadelphia Water Bill?

Pay by mail: Customers who wish to pay for their Philadelphia Water Department bill pay mail can send check or money order payment to: Water Revenue Bureau PO Box 41496 Philadelphia, PA 19101-1496 Pay by credit card online: You can pay your Water Revenue Bureau bill online by visiting…

How do you pay a water bill?

Many water utilities and banks offer the ability to make water bill payments via the Internet. Visit your water utility’s website. Select the website’s option to pay your bill online. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email and log onto the website again to make your payment. Enter the amount you wish to pay when prompted.

What is Philadelphia Water Department?

Water Utility. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) serves the Greater Philadelphia region by providing integrated water, wastewater and stormwater services.