How did the girl from District 8 die?

In the movie, Cato hands Glimmer his sword and she stabs her to death, and after Katniss heard her scream, the cannon sounded. In the book, she is stabbed. The Careers leave to allow them to take the body, but after hearing no cannon, they become uneasy and begin arguing. Peeta goes back to finish her off.

Who was the District 8 female?

Cecelia is the District 8 female in the 75th Hunger Games. She had three children who begged her not to enter the Hunger Games, as seen in the footage of the Reaping. Katniss chose her as one of her allies in the arena, but Cecelia was killed in the bloodbath.

What attracts the careers to the girl tribute from District 8?

The District 2 girl throws it at her, and it gets stuck in her backpack. How do people know when a tribute has died? A cannon goes off. The girl from District 8 lights a fire nearby, attracting the Career tributes.

Who was the girl that sacrificed herself for Peeta?

Mags also sacrifices herself for their benefits. She may have known she wouldn’t survive the Games because of her age and frailty, but if her concern was just for Finnick, the two of them could have easily survived by running away and leaving Katniss and Peeta to die.

Why did Peeta join Cato?

Why did they let Peeta join their pack? The Careers were jealous that Katniss scored an 11 in her pre-game rating—the highest of all the tributes. They let Peeta live because they believe he has information to help them get to her.

Who killed the male morphling?

At the start of the Games, the Morphlings reached the Cornucopia shortly after Finnick and Katniss (because Mags swam to Katniss while Finnick was retrieving Peeta). During the bloodbath, the male was killed but the female escaped. The female Morphling dies in Peeta’s arms.

What is Rue weakness?

Though Rue has many good qualities and strengths, it seems as though Rue can have a few things that could be called “weaknesses” but it only seems to be “what ifs” You see, Rue is small, she could be crushes if something happened.

Who are the tributes from District 1 in The Hunger Games?

There are six known tributes from District 1. District 1 female (50th HG) – Killed by her own axe when it ricocheted off the Arena’s force field after being dodged by Haymitch Abernathy, and split her skull. She placed second in the 50th Hunger Games. Augustus Braun – Victor of the 67th Hunger Games.

How did the male tribute die in The Hunger Games?

In the 74th Hunger Games, the male tribute from District 8 died at the Cornucopia at the hands of Marvel; the female tribute was attacked by the Careers on the first night and “finished off” by Peeta when her death did not occur immediately, as indicated by cannon blast.

Who was killed in the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games?

During the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games, Cato and Clove, the tributes from District 2, were formidable opponents. Clove came the closest of anyone to killing Katniss, but she was interrupted and killed by Thresh, after having said loudly that the Careers killed Rue, the female tribute from Thresh’s district.

Who was killed in District 10 in The Hunger Games?

Glimmer – Stung to death by tracker jackers. District 10 Male – Presumably killed by the Careers. District 3 Male – Neck snapped by Cato for letting Katniss blow up the Careers’ food supply. Marvel – Shot in neck by Katniss With arrow for killing Rue. Rue – Spear Thrown into stomach by Marvel. Before she died she asked Katniss to sing to her.