How common is sarcoma Botryoides?

Sarcoma botryoides is a very rare form of cancer, with fewer than 4 cases per million children per year. Despite its rarity, rhabdomyosarcoma is one of the most common sarcomas in children, accounting for up to 4 to 6% of all childhood cancer cases.

What is sarcoma Botryoides?

Sarcoma botryoides: A malignancy of the cervix, vagina, or bladder in infants and young children that arises from embryonal rhabdomyoblasts (ancestral muscle cells). The tumor resembles a bunch of grapes. It has a generally good prognosis with conservative surgery followed by chemotherapy.

What is embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma?

Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS) is a malignant soft tissue tumor that is formed from embryonic skeletal muscle tissue, the type of tissue that grows into skeletal muscles.

What are the chances of rhabdomyosarcoma coming back?

Background: Although > 90% of children with nonmetastatic rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) achieve complete remission with current treatment, up to one-third of them experience a recurrence. Survival rates are not always poor in patients who develop recurrences; thus, prognostic factors are needed to tailor salvage treatment.

Do benign tumors metastasize?

Benign tumors are noncancerous growths in the body. Unlike cancerous tumors, they don’t spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Benign tumors can form anywhere. If you discover a lump or mass in your body that can be felt from the outside, you might immediately assume it is cancerous.

How did the patient die from sarcoma botryoides?

The biopsy specimen confirmed sarcoma botryoides. The patient underwent radical surgery of the tumor and hysterectomy without adjuvant chemotherapy. The sister of the patient had died previously due to the same diagnosis at the age of 17. We achieved a satisfactory outcome in short-term period with radical surgery and hysterectomy.

When does Sarcoma botryoides of the cervix occur?

Although sarcoma botryoides of the cervix has been reported in females as young as five months of age, it tends to occur predominantly in older ages (i.e., children and young adults), than those which occur in the vagina. The tumors of the sisters described here were diagnosed in the second decade of their life.

Is there a sarcoma in the cervix?

Sarcoma botryoides in the cervix is rare, and most of the present knowledge is based on case reports. The largest series of sarcoma botryoides of the uterine cervix consisted of 13 patients.7There are reports regarding various presentations and medical or surgical treatments used for these patients.

Where does botryoides occur in the human body?

The botryoides subtype of embryonal RMS accounts for about 10% of all RMS cases and arises under the mucosal surface of body orifices such as the vagina, bladder and cervix.