How can I install Viber on my PC without smartphone?


  1. Download the Windows version of Viber for Desktop.
  2. Click on the file once it has finished downloading (at the bottom of your screen)
  3. Viber will open: click Install and follow the instructions. (This may take a few minutes.)
  4. You may be asked to confirm that you’re downloading from a reliable source: click Yes.

How can I download Viber on my desktop?

Go to and download the program for Windows. Click the Desktop icon and then the green “Get Viber” button to begin the download. Install the program. Double-click on the setup file and let the program install.

How can I open Viber without phone?

Set up your tablet as a primary device

  1. Download Viber on your tablet from either Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS)
  2. Open Viber on your Tablet.
  3. Enter your country and your phone number.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Confirm your phone number.
  6. You will receive an activation code on your phone*

Can I use Viber without SIM?

Can I use Viber without a SIM card? Viber is totally free, so that means that it doesn’t require a SIM card. But if you don’t have one, then you can only make calls while on WiFi. You can call, text, or video call without paying anything.

Is Viber a free app?

Viber is the FREE, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. Viber is completely free. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. Make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and so much more!

Can I use Viber on PC?

Setting up and connecting Viber for Desktop is easy – get started now by going to and clicking on Download for Windows or Download for Mac. Make the best use of Viber when you are at your computer, and download Viber for Desktop now.

Is Viber free of charge?

All Viber-to-Viber communication is absolutely free as long as your loved ones are also Viber users and you both have an internet connection.

Can I use Viber without Internet?

Viber requires either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection to work and if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will use your 3G data to place calls or send texts.