How big does a mountain fire Pieris get?

Slow growing; reaches 6 to 10 ft. tall and wide.

How big does Pieris get?

Pieris japonica is an upright evergreen shrub with spreading branches. It has the potential to grow 6-8 feet high and 4-6 feet wide. This is an easy to care for four-season plant that can be a stunner in the yard throughout the year.

How far apart do you plant Pieris?

Planting out your Pieris You should leave about two metres between individual shrubs if you are planting more than one at a time. Keeping the soil moist will help your Japonica to grow at its best.

Can you grow Pieris in a container?

If you don’t have acidic soil, you can grow Pieris Japonica in pots using ericaceous compost. Or you can plant them in the ground making sure you fill a hole around the plant with ericaceous compost and feed regularly with a feed for acid loving plants.

How quickly does Pieris mountain fire grow?

Rounder than some of the Pieris with dark red new growth in spring. All the Pierises create a shapely, layered, lumpy-bumpy profile in time. It might take 15 years in some cases but it’s definitely worth the wait.

How fast does Mountain Fire Pieris grow?

The Mountain Fire Pieris is a slow grower that reaches about 4 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide over the first 10 years. It will continue to grow but rarely reaches over 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide at full maturity.

Is Pieris poisonous to dogs?

The leaves, stems and flowers are all toxic to many species, but it is usually grazing pets such as goats and alpacas that are able to gain access to the plant. If you have this plant in your garden, keep it safe from curious visitors, and make sure any clippings aren’t discarded where animals can gain access to them.

Is Pieris poisonous to humans?

The plant is poisonous if consumed by people or animals. The toxicity is a result of the grayanotoxins contained by the flowers and leaves. If flowers and leaves are ingested by humans, symptoms may include salivation, headaches, vomiting, cardiac failure, and death.

How quickly does Pieris grow?

It is a large variety which grows to around 1.5 -2.5 metres in 10 years.

What can I plant with Pieris mountain fire?

Pieris is tolerant of semi-shade and is tolerant of most garden conditions. Pieris look good planted with other acid loving shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Camellia to create a low maintenance shrub border.

Do Pieris lose their leaves?

The foliage develops a coarse pale mottling on the upper surface and by late summer the leaves can have a bleached whitish yellow appearance. Heavy attacks may cause leaf drop on Pieris.

How do you care for a Pieris mountain fire?

Grow Pieris japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ in a sheltered, partially shaded spot in moist but well-drained, acidic soil. Mulch annually with well-rotted pine needles. Remove faded flowers and frost-damaged foliage in late-spring.

The Mountain Fire Pieris, or Lily-of-the-valley bush, is a medium-sized evergreen shrub growing to 6 or 8 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide. It has attractive glossy foliage and a bushy, rounded form.

What to do with a Pieris Mountain Fire?

Plant your Pieris in a straight, curved, or staggered hedge. Define corners of your home with a group of 3. This shrub is a perfect focal for a small Japanese, Zen, or cottage garden. Pieris are great for containers.

When do Pieris Mountain Fire leaves turn red?

This Pieris has vibrant foliage. New leaves emerge shiny red in early spring. They age to green in summer and then often turn a deep red again. This dwarf variety is great for small yards and gardens and even grows well in containers.

Is the Pieris Mountain Fire a shade tolerant shrub?

Shade tolerant. The Mountain Fire tolerates shade and a good bit of it! This is definitely a hard-to-find feature, especially in a colorful flowering evergreen. A truly unique landscape shrub. The Pieris is so distinctive with its red foliage and cascading fragrant flower clusters your landscape will definitely stand out in the neighborhood.