Does the Illinois I-PASS work in Georgia?

All E-PASS transponders will be accepted on Georgia’s Interstate-85 Express Lanes in Atlanta and North Carolina’s Triangle Expressway located in the Research Triangle Park Region of North Carolina, which are all-electronic tolling systems. E-PASS customers can use any lane.

Where is Illinois I-PASS accepted?

I-PASS and E-ZPass are completely integrated, so your I-PASS can be used to pay tolls not only on the Illinois Tollway, but also in other states that accept E-ZPass, including Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and 13 other states that are part of the E-ZPass network.

Where do I put the I-PASS on my car?

Make sure that the inside of your windshield is clean, dry and warm. With the arrows of the transponder pointing toward the roof, align the transponder on the windshield behind the rearview mirror, at least one inch below the metal roofline and one inch to the right or left of the mirror post.

Can I use my Illinois I-PASS in another car?

Transponders can be shared between cars and motorcycles registered to the same I-PASS account, but the transponder must be properly mounted in your vehicle whenever you drive on the Tollway. Sharing a transponder puts you at risk of forgetting to move the transponder.

What’s the difference between EZ Pass and I-PASS?

The I-PASS system is an electronic method of collecting tolls. Because the same transponder for I-PASS is used for the E-ZPass System, all toll roads that accept E-ZPass also accept I-PASS. Sixteen states use the E-ZPass system and also accept I-PASS.

What is the fine for unpaid tolls in Illinois?

Inside the Tollway Time is running out for Illinois Tollway customers to take advantage of the savings offered by the agency’s popular toll violation relief program, which reduces all existing $20 and $50 fines on unpaid tolls to a $3 fee per toll.

What’s the difference between E-ZPass and I-Pass?

Can you put I-PASS in glove box?

I leave mine in the glovebox and it works fine in Illinios.

Can you drive through I-Pass without transponder?

I-Pass transponders can be used at all toll plazas, including those located on entrance and exit ramps. If a vehicle registered with I-Pass passes through a toll collection without the transponder, the vehicle will be considered in violation only if the vehicle’s license plate is not registered on an I-Pass account.

Is there a monthly fee for I-Pass?

The minimum balance is $20, and the account auto-replenishes 10% of the average monthly usage or a minimum of $10. There is no annual fee for the I-Pass. In Indiana , an E-ZPass requires a $7 deposit and has an annual fee of $12.00….E-ZPass Costs by State.

State Yearly Fee
New York 12
New Jersey 12
Indiana 12
Ohio 9

How long do you have to pay tolls in Illinois?

14 days
Drivers on the Illinois Tollway system are required to pay unpaid tolls online. Customers who do not have I-PASS are required to pay their missed tolls online within 14 days.

Is the Illinois Tollway offering I-pass assist?

Illinois Tollway aims to ensure everyone is able to attain and retain the benefits of I-PASSThe Illinois Tollway today opened enrollment to a significantly enhanced I-PASS Assist program to help customers realize the benefits of I-PASS. The program’s aim is to ensure all Illinois residents…

What kind of holder do I need for EZ Pass?

JL Safety EZ Pass-Port – Indestructible Holder fits Mini & Old Size EZ Pass (not The Flex or HOV Switch Models), I Pass, I Zoom, PalPass Hard case & FasTrak transponders. Holder only- Made in USA . .

Do you need an over weight permit for the Illinois Tollway?

An over-weight or over-dimension permit must be obtained prior to travelling on the Tollway system.