Does Omni Parker House have room service?

Guest Room Dining If you choose to enjoy delicious cuisine in the privacy of your accommodations, room service is closed overnight.

Who owns the Parker House in Boston?

Omni Hotels
Omni Parker House

Omni Parker House Hotel
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Address 60 School Street
Opening 1855 (original hotel), 1927 (current building)
Management Omni Hotels

What is the Omni Parker House known for?

Staying at the Omni Parker House Plus, being known as one of America’s most haunted hotels, it’s a must-stay for supernatural enthusiasts. The hotel is located at the bottom of Beacon Hill along the historic Freedom Trail. It’s School Street location puts you right in the heart of historic Boston.

Is Omni Parker House open?

Omni Parker House is at Omni Parker House. Open Wednesday- Saturday, 4pm-midnight.

Does the Omni Parker House have a pool?

No, Boston Omni Parker House Hotel does not have a pool onsite.

What is the oldest hotel in Boston MA?

the Omni Parker House
Founded by Harvey D. Parker in 1855, the Omni Parker House is the oldest of Boston’s elegant inns and the longest continuously operating hotel in the United States.

How old is the Omni Parker House?

94c. 1927
Omni Parker House/Age

Are Omni Hotels part of Hilton?

Omni is not owned by Hilton. The hotel is it’s own entity under Omni Hotels and Resorts. Omni carries a great rewards program called Select Guest that comes with free Wi-Fi and morning beverage services. The more you stay, the more free room nights you earn!

Does Omni Parker House have a pool?

Is Omni part of Marriott or Hilton?

Is the Omni Parker House a national landmark?

Omni Parker House, Boston, is a member of Historic Hotels of America, the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is currently under study for becoming a Boston Landmark.

Is the Parker House still the grand dame of Boston hotels?

Indeed, the Parker House is still rightly called the Grand Dame of Boston hotels. The above is excerpted from our new book, Heaven, By Hotel Standards: The History of the Omni Parker House, by House Historian Susan Wilson.

When did Ho Chi Minh work at the Omni Parker House?

The Omni Parker House is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation ‘s Historic Hotels of America program. Ho Chi Minh worked as a baker at the hotel from 1912 to 1913. Malcolm X, then going by the name Malcolm Little, worked as a busboy at the hotel in the 1940s.

Is there a carousel at the Omni Parker House?

Enjoy close proximity to the theater district, in a locale that’s been an ideal respite for stars of stage and screen since the 19th Century. This is a carousel with resort room photos that activate modal dialogs. Use the previous and next buttons to navigate, or you can control this carousel by clicking the navigation dots at the bottom.