Do you have to pay for Ramsey Creek Park?

Walk-in $5 dollars per individual (14 years and older), paid at the entrance of the Park $3 dollars per individual (Children 6 – 13 years old), paid at the entrance of the Park Free for Children 6 years old and under.

Can you drink at Jetton Park?

Meadow at Jetton Park is $75/ hour. Alcohol permit is $50 *permit can only be procured if you rent a shelter.

How long is the Jetton Park Loop?

Jetton Park Loop

Distance Elevation
0.83 miles
0.83 miles 762 ft
0.86 miles 763 ft
0.86 miles

Where is Jetton Park located?

Cornelius, North Carolina
Jetton Park is a 1.1 mile (2,500-step) route located near Cornelius, North Carolina, USA.

Why is Ramsey Creek Park closed?

The public beach area was closed in 2020 because of the pandemic and was not expected to open this summer because of the lifeguard shortage. A county representative said 145 people have applied for lifeguard positions since it started offering $15 per hour with a $500 signing bonus.

Can you swim in Lake Wylie?

Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake and Lake Wylie are all considered suitable for swimming.

Do you have to pay for Jetton Park?

Park is free. Really peaceful when it isn’t busy.

Can you grill at Jetton Park?

No smoking: Jetton Park is a tobacco-free park. Picnic tables: Picnic tables with and without grills are scattered throughout the park. No reservations needed. Playground: Swings, play area, picnic tables, benches and restrooms can be found here.

Is swimming allowed in Lake Norman?

Lake Norman is a great place for many types of family recreation including Swimming. The Lake Norman State Park has a GREAT swimming area. The swim area is roped off with a sandy beach that’s 125 feet long.

How much is Ramsey Creek Park?

The trails offer a great place to walk and admire nature at its finest. The swimming beach is open Wed-Sun from 11am-7pm. Parking is $10/vehicle for county residents and $15/vehicle for non-county residents.

Why is Lake Wylie so dirty?

In April, more than 15 million gallons of sewage spilled into a creek leading into the lake. In July, sediment poured into the lake from a new home construction site in the Bonum Road area in northern York County. “The South Fork (river) is still a major source of sediment and other pollution,” Perkins said.

Is there alligators in Lake Wylie?

The truth is, Alligators do not live in Lake Wylie. The only time an alligator has actually been in Lake Wylie is when someone caught an alligator somewhere else and dumped it here (and quickly picked up by Wildlife officials). Also, there is a FAKE alligator head floating around the docks at Papa Doc’s Shore Club.

How much is Waterford Hall at Jetton Park?

Description Waterford Hall (Indoors) 75 ppl seated; Courtyard (Outdoors) 24 ppl seated Run by- Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation Waterfront Hall cost is $250 for 5 hours for a Mecklenburg County resident; otherwise the cost is $330. Meadow at Jetton Park is $75/ hour.

Is the Jetton park open on the weekends?

It is open on Sunday. However on the weekends, sometimes there is a ranger in the booth and you have to pay a small fee, but it is hit and miss. I have Never seen a ranger during the week at the booth collecting a fee just odd times on weekends.

How many people can fit in Jetton Park?

Jetton Park also offers a site for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. The Waterfront Hall seats 100 people. The hall has restrooms, sink, microwave and a refrigerator. Jetton Park offers sites for all your events: birthday parties, family reunions, baby and bridal showers and business meetings.

How big is Jetton Park in Cornelius NC?

This 104 acre lakefront park offers opportunities for the entire family. It includes picnic sites, lighted tennis courts, walking trails, gazebo, sunning beach (no swimming), playgrounds, restrooms, concession area and Waterfront Hall which may be reserved for special events.