Do they still make Avion trailers?

Avions are no longer in production. Designed with quality in mind, many vintage Avion campers are still on the road today. With an exterior of anodized aluminum, vintage Avion campers are easily recognizable and attract attention wherever they go.

Is Avion made by Airstream?

Avion is actually a defunct line of trailers by Fleetwood, whereas the Airstream is a more modern rendition. They have many similarities so much so the Avion is referred to as the Airstream’s second cousin.

Who makes Avion RV?

In 1976 Ligon Enterprises sold the company to Fleetwood Enterprises. The Silver Avion was built until the 1990’s when Fleetwood decided to build the Avion Product with more traditional RV construction methods. Fleetwood continues to sell 5th Wheel Trailers under the Avion Name.

How much does an Avion camper weigh?

approximately 3300 lbs.
Weight is approximately 3300 lbs.

Who made Argosy trailers?

In 1974, Airstream began manufacturing a Class A motorhome, badged “Argosy”. They began as painted 20- and 24-foot (6.1 and 7.3 m) models, and were followed in 1979 by the first examples of the Classic model motorhome, with an unpainted aluminum body much like the trailers.

What travel trailers are better than Airstream?

What are the Top 10 Airstream Alternatives?

  • Living Vehicle Trailers. Living Vehicle Trailers look just as sleek and are just as luxurious as Airstream trailers.
  • Bowlus Road Chief Trailers.
  • Oliver Travel Trailers.
  • Homegrown Trailers.
  • Happier Camper.
  • Dub Box Trailer.
  • Safari Condo.
  • Taxa Outdoors.

What is the meaning of Avion?

Avion, the French and Spanish name for airplane (powered fixed-wing aircraft); coming from Latin “avis” (bird).

Are Argosy trailers still made?

Manufacturer Information The Argosy motorhome started in 1975 and production stopped in 1979. They were built in a separate facility in Versailles, OH. In 1979 there were three models of motorhomes built.

Are airstreams painted?

In 1972 Airstream launched a new line of trailers under the brand name Argosy. The exterior painted finish allowed for imperfect aluminum panels to be used that could not be used on the Airstream trailers. This provided a nice cost saving measure that did not affect the quality of the trailer.