Do Elkay sinks come with drains?

A great value with all drain parts included, saving you time and money. Install with our drain assembly or with an InSinkErator® disposer with Quick Lock® mounting.

What is perfect drain?

Experience a Cleaner Sink The Elkay® Perfect Drain® is an edgeless drain that integrates seamlessly into the bottom of many of our most popular sink models. The result is a cleaner sink because grime and gunk have no place to go but down the drain.

Are Elkay sinks made in China?

At Elkay, we value high-quality products. Many of our products are made in the USA and comply with the Buy American Act. …

What is a seamless drain?

Instead of a simple hole in the bottom that requires putty to seal, the drain is drawn and flared like a funnel. The drain fittings (or disposal) attach to the outside and seal with a rubber gasket.

How do I get scratches out of my Elkay sink?

To buff out minor scratches, use the textured pad with liquid polish and rub with the grain. If level 3 didn’t remove the scratch, use the coarse screen with water and rub with the grain along the entire bottom or side where the scratch is located. Then work backwards through the repair levels.

Can you pour boiling water into a stainless steel sink?

It is recommended the use of an Elkay bottom grid or rinsing basket to protect your sink. Run cold water when pouring boiling water into sink. It is recommended that you clean your sink prior to first use.

Is Elkay sink a good brand?

Since the day they were founded, Elkay has had the mission to make high-quality sinks available for a lower price. If you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money just so that you can ensure that your sink works in the first place, then Elkay may be the best company to buy from.

Who is Elkay owned by?

the founding family
Today, still privately owned by the founding family, Elkay has 3,500 employees worldwide and is America’s largest stainless steel sink company….Elkay Manufacturing.

Type Private
Founders Leopold Katz Louis Katz
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois , United States

How do you get scratches out of a fireclay sink?

Fireclay sink scratch repair

  1. Clean the sink thoroughly.
  2. Cut the brick to a comfortable-to-hold size using a saw.
  3. Carefully rub the brick over the scratch area; apply gentle pressure.
  4. Continue to buff the scratch and surrounding area to blend it in.
  5. Wipe away dust and residue with a soft cloth.