Did According to Jim get Cancelled?

The ABC sitcom is ending its long run at the end of this season. The network hasn’t announced it but one of the series stars has. According to Jim is a lighthearted sitcom that revolves around a suburban father named Jim (Jim Belushi).

What is Jim and Cheryl’s last name on According to Jim?


Actor Character Seasons
Jim Belushi James “Jim” Orenthal Main
Courtney Thorne-Smith Cheryl Mabel Main
Kimberly Williams-Paisley Dana Gibson Main

Where does Jim live in According to Jim?

412 Maple Street, Chicago, Illinois
In the end of the 7th season they become proud parents of the twins Jonathan and Gordon. The family residence is 412 Maple Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States. Jim often finds himself in messy situations because his laziness inclines him to search for alternative ways of doing things with less effort.

How old is Gracie from According to Jim now?


Portrayed by Billi Bruno
Friends Ruby (Bestfriend) , Others
Date of Birth 1997
Age 24

What is James Belushi doing now?

Jim now owns and operates Belushi’s Farm, a cannabis farm in Oregon. It is the subject of a new TV show chronicling his new venture into legal cannabis farming.

What is Jim’s last name in the office?

Actor John Krasinski rose to fame as Jim Halpert on the hit sitcom ‘The Office.

What are the actors from According to Jim doing now?

Jim Belushi, of SNL fame and the series According to Jim, now stars in a three-part series, Growing Belushi, on the Discovery Channel. In it, he shows viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to grow recreational cannabis.

How old is Jim Belushi now?

67 years (June 15, 1954)
Jim Belushi/Age
The “Saturday Night Live” and “According to Jim” actor and comedian, 67, filed for divorce Friday in Los Angeles from Sloan, according to legal documents obtained by USA TODAY.

What happened to Dan Aykroyd?

He continues to manage the House of Blues chain of music venues, which he cofounded, and the Crystal Head Vodka brand he created. Aykroyd is also still married to his wife of 35 years, Donna Dixon, with whom he shares three daughters.

When did the According to Jim show end?

According to Jim. TV show dates: October 3, 2001 — June 2, 2009 Series status: Cancelled/ended Performers include: James Belushi, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Larry Joe Campbell, Taylor Atelian, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Billi Bruno, Conner Rayburn, Tony Braunagel, John Rubano, Mitch Rouse, and Charlie Hartsock.

Where was the TV show according to Jim filmed?

According to Jim was created by Tracy Newman and Jonathan Stark. The sitcom was produced by ABC ’s in-house production company and Newman/Stark, Suzanne Bukinik Entertainment and Brad Grey Television. The series was filmed at the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles.

Who are the cast members of According to Jim?

Series cast summary: Jim Belushi Jim 182 episodes, 2001-2009 Courtney Thorne-Smith Cheryl 182 episodes, 2001-2009 Larry Joe Campbell Andy 182 episodes, 2001-2009 Taylor Atelian Ruby 182 episodes, 2001-2009

What was the error in According to Jim?

When Mandy convinces Andy to not play tackle football with Jim and the guys, it’s Jim who has to come up with a plan, after talking him into playing anyway, for covering up the fact that Andy DID Error: please try again. The family goes to church, and Jim realizes he knows the new minister.