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Impact of Media on Society

The media, be it social media, print media or the mainstream media has various impacts on the society. There are the negative and the positive impacts that are associated with the media. One of the positive impacts is that of informing the society on the world developments (Burton, 2010). People are informed on the news […]

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Education is the key to success. Thus, for many people, pursuing it even to the ends of the world is worthwhile. Therefore, we can conclusively say that going for further studies abroad has a positive impact not only to the individual but also to the country as a whole. An individual has a greater chance […]

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PERSONAL INFORMATION NAME: Bernice W. Kinyua ADDRESS: 104 Chogoria NATIONALITY: Kenyan STATUS: Married LANGUAGES: English, Kiswahili, Kimeru RELIGION: Christian ID NO.: 27545499 TEL NO.: 0728 961990 EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] NHIF NO.: 4234920 NSSF NO.: 473092913 EDUCATION BACKGROUND YEAR           INSTITUTION              GRADE ATTAINED 2011-2013         AIRADS […]

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