Can you use two rods on downrigger?

The other advantage of two downriggers with two rods is that you don’t have to bring up both rods when one rod trips loose (ie, small fish, missed hit, slipped release). It will make your boat more efficient. That all being said, stacking is worth doing once you’ve got a rod on each of your downriggers.

How many rods does a downrigger have?

Registered. You may run as many rods off 1 downrigger as you can handle. The fish will usually hit the bottom lure/bait which means bringing the others in to avoid tangles.

What is a downrigger slider?

A slider is a 4 to 6 foot piece of line with swivels on both ends used to attach a second line or lure to the mainline when downrigger fishing. This way you’ll have two lure presentations off a single rod. The slider replaced the running of 2 rods with a stacker release.

How deep do you fish for Kokanee?

Kokanee salmon can be found at varying depths depending on the time of year and body of water. The most common range for kokanee trolling is between 10 and 40 feet. I generally troll at 18 feet until I can get a good reading from the fish finder.

How do you attach a stacker release to a downrigger?

Flip the bail shut on your fishing reel and set the rod in the rod holder farthest to the outside of the boat. Clip a stacker release onto the downrigger cable. A stacker release consists of some type of clip or jaw that goes on the downrigger cable, then about a foot of cable and then a padded jaw that attaches to your second fishing line.

What’s the best way to set up a downrigger?

Set up a rod with a lure, perhaps teamed with a dodger, spool the rig out behind the boat, attach your line to a downrigger clip and lower the rig to the desired depth. For trout, you’ll want to run your offering from 50 to 200 feet behind the downrigger weight depending on the depth you are fishing.

Can you stack downriggers on a fishing boat?

Stacking is more affordable than buying more downriggers, and on a small fishing boat, there often isn’t enough room to attach more downriggers anyway. One typical method allows you to fish two lines per downrigger. Rig your downrigger as you normally would.

How many lines can you stack on a downrigger?

Obviously, stacking is most useful when the fish are holding in deep water. In the extreme you could cover a 60-foot span of the water column by spreading out a total of six lines using two downriggers. Now while you might think that fishing six lines is sure to result in tangles when a trout or salmon strikes that is usually not the case.