Can you put new lead on top of old lead in the valley of your roof?

Replacement of lead in a valley The valley is normally supported by wooden valley boards and these should be checked for damage or rot and replaced if necessary. New lead to a minimum of code 4 (1.8mm thick) or code 5 (2.24mm thick) needs to be added.

How wide should a lead valley be?

The valley boards should be at least 225mm wide each side of the valley to allow for a 125mm wide open valley, with timber upstands set 150mm from the centre line of the valley and enough width left to support the ends of the tile battens.

What is Valley Code lead?

What are the thicknesses of each roofing lead code?

Lead Code Thickness Uses
Code 7 3.15mm Flat roofing, parapet and tapered valley gutters, pitched roofing, dormers, and bay roofs and canopies
Code 8 3.55mm Flat roofing, parapet and tapered valley gutters, dormers, and bay roofs and canopies

Does felt go under Lead Valley?

The builders felt is to protect the lead and avoid condensation, so that goes in the valley and up the boards, the lead is laid in the valley and up the boards starting at the lowest end, in maximum 8ft sheets, at the top you will have the saddle or cover flashing. The roofing felt then cover the lead to the tile line.

How long does roof lead last?

Lead roofing products tend to have a lifespan in excess of 60 years, with many examples of the material lasting over 100 years.

What’s the difference between Code 3 and 4 lead?

Lead codes are actually very simple. Ranging from Code 3 to Code 8 they separate lead into different thickness and weight….What Are Lead Codes?

Lead Code Thickness (mm) Weight (kg per square metre)
Code 3 1.32mm 14.97kg
Code 4 1.80mm 20.41kg
Code 5 2.24mm 25.40kg
Code 6 2.65mm 30.10kg

What is the maximum length for lead flashing?

1.5 metres
Lead Roof Flashing Length Lead sheet for lead flashing should be no longer than 1.5 metres. If the lead is cut any longer it could lead to splitting of the lead work due to expansion and contraction.

How long does Roof lead last?

How long should a lead Valley last?

At best, roof valleys can last 20 years. It’s highly dependent on the materials used, the quality of the installation, the location of the house, the weather, and so on.

How tall should a lead cap be on a roof valley?

A lead cap overlaid 6 inches onto each valley is an effective way to seal the top. Where the roof slopes are uneven or one roof is larger than the other, a 1- to 1 1/2 -inch-high V crimp in the middle of the metal valley will prevent the uneven flow from running up one side of the valley.

Where to fix lead in a roof valley?

Hope this helps. The fixing of the lead… the lead in any valley should be fixed at the top. This is to allow for expansion during the summer etc. Hi mark save on costs and install fibre glass valley trays a lot less hassle easy to do plus if you weigh your old lead in even cheaper.

What are the different types of roof valley flashing?

This article discusses details and specifications for roof valley flashing for best construction & roof leak resistance. We describe how to construct three common styles of roof valley: open valley, closed-cut valley, and woven roof valley, and we include roof valley underlayment and nailing specifications.

Where does the hip and valley roof meet?

The intersecting roof consists of a gable and valley, or hip and valley. The valley is formed where the two different sections of the roof meet, generally at a 90° angle. This type of roof is more complicated than the