Can you put grease on your dropper post?

from OneUp Components This should take 5 mins or less and can be done with your Dropper Post on your bike. No tools are needed. We recommend Slickoleum Grease, Slick Honey, Sram Butter or any other high quality waterproof light grease.

Can you use Vaseline on a dropper post?

Vaseline “might” work, but the petroleum might not be good for internal seals. However, a tube of actual silicone/Teflon based lube is like $7-15 and is basically a lifetime supply for most home mechanics. SRAM Butter, or Slickoleum is a decent alternative to SlickHoney. Been using slick honey for 5+ years.

Do I really need a dropper post?

The biggest reason you need a dropper post is to quickly go between seated pedaling and standing to navigate steep drops or jumps. Enduro riders need to be able to pedal hard over long distances and varied terrain, but they also need to clear very technical terrain so they get the most use out of a dropper post.

What type of grease is Slickoleum?

multi-purpose grease
Slickoleum is a multi-purpose grease for fork seals, o-rings, linear slides, bearings and chassis applications. This grease offers excellent low temperature pumpability and low temperature protection.

Can you use Vaseline for grease?

If you don’t have any grease with you, Vaseline will work just fine.

Why does my dropper post go down when I sit on it?

If you press the lever of your dropper post and nothing happens (the post either stays up or down), then there is not enough tension on the cable. If your dropper post is moving without pressing the lever (it won’t stay up as you are riding), then you have too much tension on the cable. You’ll want to REMOVE tension.

What’s the point of a dropper seatpost?

A dropper post, commonly referred to as a dropper, is a replacement for your bicycle’s seat post and allows for quick adjustment of saddle height without requiring you to get off your bike or even stop moving. Most droppers work through cable actuation, although there are a handful of electronic/wireless posts.

Is KS dropper post good?

The KS LEV Si has a great price, great performance, low stack height and low insertion depth. It would make a great upgrade for someone looking to get their first dropper post, or upgrading a shorter post. Only the basic features let it down.

How important is a dropper post?

The main benefit of a dropper post is increased safety while riding. As mentioned above, the lever system allows you to quickly move the saddle out of the way when approaching descents or trail obstacles.

Which is better for seat post grease or grease?

Carbon paste (AKA Carbon Prep) would be better than grease. Its designed to provide grip so carbon components don’t have to be over tightened, and is designed to work with metal on carbon and protect against galvanic corrosion. Exactly what is needed to stop a metal seat post sticking in metal frame.

What makes a dropper post go back up?

You have a smooth post surface sliding past a wiper seal that cleans off any mud and debris. Inside most dropper posts, there will be two components, a damping cartridge and an air spring that pushes the post back up again.

What’s the air pressure on a dropper post?

All dropper posts use a spring to extend the seat upwards. In some posts, this air spring is small and held at relatively high pressure (around 200 – 250 psi). When the post is in the dropped position]

What kind of compound to use on seatpost?

In this scenario, you should ABSOLUTELY use an anti-seize compound. Something like Park’s ASC-1 is perfect for this. The anti-seize compound has zinc in it, which acts as a sacrificial metal to prevent the frame and seatpost from corroding and bonding to each other. For other materials, you can still use anti-sieze compound, but you don’t need to.