Can you be a Werebear Skyrim?

Werebears are a type of creature found on Solstheim. They are a variant of lycanthrope, and are similar in most respects to werewolves, with the obvious exception of their appearance. It is not possible for the player to become a werebear, however.

What is a Werebear’s weakness?

Known Weaknesses Copper- like sliver to a werewolf, copper is a primary weakness to werebears, being able to burn them. Due to the commonality of the metal has led to a severe impact on their numbers.

How does the moonlight tales mod work?

With Moonlight Tales, once the Ring of Hircine is obtained, it will truly allow you to control the beast within you by unlocking different transformation-related settings in the MCM. Additionally, if you are not a werewolf, the ring will allow you to transform into one once a day.

How do I become a werewolf in Skyrim?

Becoming a Werewolf In Skyrim, the only way to become a Werewolf is to complete the quest line for the Companions of Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, up until the quest “The Silver Hand.” Within the Companions exists the Circle, an inner sub-faction. After some time, Skjor will lead the Dragonborn to The Underforge.

How do you open the MCM cheat menu?

How to open the menu.

  1. Make sure you have correctly installed skyui and SKSE. ( Links: SkyUI, SKSE)
  2. Start the game and load into a save or start a new game.
  3. Press escape and navigate to the “System” tab.
  4. Press the button called “Mod Configuration”
  5. Find the option called “MCM Cheat Menu”

How do I hide SkyUI?

Just SkyUI. REMEMBER TO GO TO ADVANCED IN SKYUI OPTIONS AND TURN OFF MENU WARNING! Load Order: Hide SkyUI must be below SkyUI on the load order for mods.

Is it possible to be a werewolf in Skyrim?

It is now possible to encounter more wild werewolves, as well as werebears all around Skyrim and Solstheim. If you share their blood they will be non-hostile to you. In other words, if you are a werewolf, other werewolves will not attack you.

Is it possible to track a werebear in Skyrim?

Since Skyrim is now a far more dangerous place, it is possible for the werebeast player to be tracked by experienced armed hunters of various skills and races. Those elite hunters from factions like Silver Hand and Vigilants of Stendarr will level with the player and are immune to the effects of Howl of Fear.

Is it possible to change your Werebeast skin in Skyrim?

In case you want to modify your current Follower’s werebeast skin, it can be achieved by means of the “Reset your skin” dialogue option, which will switch follower’s beast skin to the one currently used by the player. It is now possible to encounter more wild werewolves, as well as werebears all around Skyrim and Solstheim.

How do you become a werebear in moonlight tales?

Their Brotherhood Howl has also been modified appropriately to summon bear/ snow bear/ werebear spirits. You can become a werebear by contracting the Sanies Ursius disease from wild werebears, or by drinking a Werebear Blood Potion or by using the MCM Debug Menu.