Can we go to Innsbruck with Bayern Ticket?

Innsbruck is in Austria and a Bayern Ticket covers Bayern (Bavaria). Plus a few stations in Austria directly at the border (Salzburg Hbf, Kufstein). Coming from Munich you can use the Bayern Ticket towards Innsbruck only as far as Kufstein or Mittenwald.

Can I use Bayern Ticket in Nuremberg?

The Bayern Ticket is also valid for travel on almost all buses and trams in Bavaria including all transportation in major cities such as Munich (München), Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Augsburg, and Regensburg. Up to five people may travel together on a Bayern Ticket.

Does the Bayern Ticket cover Salzburg?

*The BayernTicket and Salzburg The answer is yes, yes you can! The Bayern Ticket covers the Meridian Train that takes you from Munich to Salzburg and is one of the few exceptions where you can use the Bayern Ticket outside of Bavaria.

Is Bayern ticket valid in Ingolstadt?

The ticket is valid for any number of journeys in the second class of all DB local trains on the routes Munich main station – Ingolstadt main station – Nuremberg main station, Nuremberg main station – Treuchtlingen and Treuchtlingen – Ingolstadt main station, with agilis Verkehrsgesellschaft (ag) on the route …

Is it hard to get Bayern Munich tickets?

There was only one problem with that: Getting tickets to a Bayern Munich match can be very difficult. Three, fan friendly policies in all of the Bundesliga mean that attending games is very cheap, so tickets are tougher to find.

Which train is valid in Bayern ticket?

The regional day ticket for Bavaria and regional night ticket for Bavaria are valid on the following services in Bavaria: All local trains operated by rail companies (e.g. DB’s RE and RB trains, non-DB trains) All transport association services (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, buses) Almost all scheduled bus services in Bavaria.

Can I cancel Bayern ticket?

You can cancel a group saver fare ticket up to 7 days before the 1st day of validity, regardless of how you booked it. If you booked a ticket online, it is not possible to change or cancel individual travellers’ details.

What is included in Bayern ticket?

Bayern-Ticket The ticket allows up to 5 adults traveling together to use unlimited all regional trains in Bavaria for one day. It is valid on all regional trains in 2nd class. Regional trains are all trains with the designating letters RB, RE, IRE, ALX, S-Bahn, BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn), M (Meridian), BRB und BLB.