Can squid cache youtube videos?

Some private modifications of squid have apparently achieved caching. To cache files you will need to enable caching of dynamic content.

Should I use squid cache?

Squid is commonly used to cache content from the outside world into your companies network. You wouldn’t use it in a hosting or content delivery scenario. Many people use squid as an accelerator for web sites. Using it on your own network is probably the more common usage.

How do I enable squid cache?

How to enable caching on Squid for Windows? ¶

  1. Make sure that the directory d:\squidcachedir exists and empty (create with mkdir command if necessary).
  2. Add the caching directive to the config file squid.config.
  3. Stop the squid service.

Can you cache YouTube videos?

Launched in 2014, YouTube’s offline feature allows Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos to their device for later consumption. These videos can be downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi network. The feature is ad-supported, however, so you will have to sit through an advertisement before getting to your video.

How do I flush Squid cache?

If required to clear up package provisioning problems, you can clear the proxy cache:

  1. Stop the httpd and squid services: # service httpd stop # service squid stop.
  2. Delete the contents of the cache: # rm -Rf /var/cache/rhn/*
  3. Restart the squid and httpd services: # service squid start # service httpd start.

What is the point of Squid proxy?

Squid is a caching and forwarding HTTP web proxy. It has a wide variety of uses, including speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests, caching web, DNS and other computer network lookups for a group of people sharing network resources, and aiding security by filtering traffic.

How do I get rid of squid?

3 Answers

  1. Remove squid apt-get remove –purge squid apt-get remove –purge squid3.
  2. Install squid apt-get install squid apt-get install squid3.
  3. Copy the file squid.conf directory squid.

How to know if squid is caching YouTube videos?

Squid access logs will show TCP_MISS when accessing cached videos but don’t worry just ignore this warning You will be able to verify the youtube caching is working properly by replaying already played video in the client’s browser. And no functionality exists for deleting videos that are not accessed often.

Where do I find the cache file for YouTube?

Through the client computer to browse the site youtube. If everything goes well, then video cache files can be found at /usr/local/www/nginx_cache/files If you find the file like the image above, it means you’ve successfully to cache youtube video.

Can you use prefrabbly Apache and squid on different machines?

NOTE: PREFRABBLY APACHE AND SQUID CAN BE ON DIFFERENT MACHINES THEN YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE REDIRECTION IP IN PER.PHP TO THE IP OF APACHE SERVER MACHINE. Note: we will not use mysql directly but some of the libraries will be required for the program so that why we are installing these.

How to install squid 3.3.2 on Ubuntu 12.10?

For example, you can read the “Transparent Proxy with Squid 3.3.2 on Ubuntu 12.10 + Shorewall + Mikrotik”. Ok. Let’s begin. 1. Add some command line at squid.conf