Can a SL remote control a StudioLive mixer?

That is, unless you use a StudioLive mixer and an Apple iPad! SL Remote can control any StudioLive mixer on your wireless network, and multiple iPads can control the same StudioLive. With this combination, being chained to front-of-house is just a bad memory. The most important mixer controls are always at your fingertips.

What do I need to network my StudioLive digtal mixer?

In addition to your StudioLive Series III digtal mixer, you will need the following to network your mixer and use the companion software accessories: A wireless router is required to remote control your StudioLive Series III digital mixer using UC Surface or QMix-UC for iOS ® or Android™.

How does the StudioLive series III digital mixer work?

At its core, a network is created when two or more devices (computers, iPads, Android devices, networkable mixers) intelligently share data between one another. In the case of the StudioLive Series III digital mixers and their companion software, this is control data.

What can you do with the StudioLive remote?

With StudioLive Remote and any first-generation StudioLive digital mixer, you can walk around the show, tweaking your mix on the fly. Adjust the stage monitors from the stage. Detect problems in the back of the room and adjust your mix on the spot.