Are troll dolls from the 90s worth anything?

Troll Dolls Most trolls aren’t worth more than a few dollars, but those that were made in the first few years of production do have a higher value. Dam Things animal trolls from that time period can command anywhere from $25 to $200 if they are in mint condition with tags still attached.

What were troll dolls called in the 70s?

The Troll dolls were originally known as Leprechauns, and were also known as Dam dolls, Gonks, Wishniks, Treasure Trolls and Norfins.

What vintage trolls are worth money?

The prices on trolls range from only a few dollars for late, common Russ trolls, to more than $200 for rare 1960s Dam Things animal trolls (such as giraffes and lions). Smaller, more common animals can be found for $25 to $50. Non-Dam troll animals can be much cheaper, especially if their tags are not attached.

Which troll dolls are worth money?

Are trolls dolls evil?

Unlike the innocence of our pink on-screen troll friend, Poppy, the trolls in this mythology were far more mischievous. They harassed and kidnapped women and sometimes possessed magical powers that they certainly used for evil rather than good! On occasion, trolls were even described as man-eaters.

Are troll dolls good luck?

Troll History Trolls are believed to be good luck, which certainly has helped the sale of troll dolls. Troll dolls can be found in houses, in cars, even at work, purchased with the hope that they will bring luck to their owners.

What company made the original Troll dolls?

Dam Things
Toy history Dam’s company Dam Things began producing the dolls in plastic under the name Good Luck Trolls. It became popular in several European countries during the early 1960s, shortly before they were introduced in the United States.

Which troll dolls are rare?

Dam Tailed Troll With Original Tags & Outfit – $687 The smaller versions of figurines are rare, and since this ’60s version comes in at just 3 inches tall, its value is greater than larger varieties of its kind. The attached original tag increases its value.

How do I know if my antique doll is valuable?

Look for the Maker’s Mark If you can find the manufacturer mark, or maker’s mark, on your old doll, it will give you the most important information needed to identify the doll. Take a good photo of the mark or draw a copy of it to keep handy. Doll manufacturer marks are typically found on the back of the head or neck.

What old dolls are worth money?

These Collectible Dolls Are Now Worth a Fortune

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figurines. Price tag: $150.
  • Blue Snaggletooth. Price tag: Up to $350.
  • Sand People Figurine (1978) Price tag: $450.
  • Devi Kroell Barbie. Price tag: $1,075.
  • Marie Antoinette Barbie. Price tag: $1,250.
  • 45. ‘
  • Calvin Klein Barbie.
  • Coach Barbie.

What are trolls afraid of?

Trolls were also said to be afraid of thunder, which had strong connections to the Norse god Thor, who made a great habit of slaying giants, trolls and other malicious creatures during his rule in Norse mythology.

What were trolls called in the 60s?

The toys are also known as good luck trolls, or gonk trolls in the United Kingdom. The dolls were first created in 1959 and became one of the United States’ biggest toy fads in the early 1960s.

What was the original name of the troll doll?

The Troll dolls were originally known as Leprechauns, and were also known as Dam dolls, Gonks, Wishniks, Treasure Trolls and Norfins. We only ever called them Trolls. They were a huge fad from 1963 through 1965.

How big is a troll from the 70’s?

1960s /70’s Dam / Scandia House Type 2&1/2” Troll. Fur Hair And Glass Eyes OOAK Purple Body 70’s Dam Reg Des UK Stamped 2&1/2” Troll. Fur Hair/Glass Eyes With multiple generations and releases, many people may wonder when Trolls came out originally.

What kind of Toys did people have in the 90s?

They are the people who went from iPod Shuffles to today’s Smartphones. They went from NES consoles to Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s. The more you think about it, the more the theory holds up. It’s because of this nostalgia that certain 90s toys are highly sought after by collectors.

What to do with an old Troll doll?

Replacement Pieces – As can be expected, not all old troll dolls are as pristinely maintained as others. Be sure that your troll doll comes with all original pieces as some owners will refurbish the gemstones or eyes of the dolls.