Are there any animals that have Down syndrome?

Although many animals have a different number of chromosomes in their nuclei, an extra chromosome can have an effect that is similar to its effect in humans. Animals can have a range of degrees of Down syndrome – just like humans. Here are 45 animals with Down syndrome who will melt your heart.

Can a chimpanzee or a monkey have Down syndrome?

While chimps and monkeys have extremely similar DNA from humans (we share 99% of the same DNA with them) they still cannot have Down Syndrome. What does happen in chimps is they have a trisomy of the 22nd chromosome, which was discovered back in 1969.

Can a mouse be born with Down syndrome?

So while they don’t specifically have Down Syndrome, they can have a chromosomal defect resembling Down’s. Researchers have learned that mice can have a trisomy in chromosome 16 and will actually genetically create this trisomy to learn more about how animals are affected by it.

Are there any white tigers with Down syndrome?

White tigers are extremely rare to begin with and Kenny was particularly unique because, in addition to his beautiful white coat, he suffered from genetic facial deformities including an abnormally short snout and wide face.

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Are there any white cats with Down syndrome?

Chief among them may be Kenny the tiger, a rare white cat rescued from an unethical breeder in 2002 by Arkansas’ Turpentine Creek Wildlife Reserve, where he lived until his death in 2008.